Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Crazy Spider .......warning, messy blog post alert!

Here is a close-up of a spider I stitched on a block for Alice in my novice RR for CQI. I like making the webs but really not good at the insect itself. I used Carole Samples CQ stitches book as a reference. A vintage button for the back end and satin stitch combined with tiny french knots for the main body. I had the hardest time getting the legs somewhat symmetrical, ripping leg after leg out! She is trampling on a beautiful floral spray Collen created.                                                                                                                              This is the entire block and a better look at the spray.

WOW, I do not know what is going on in today's post!!???? My pictures are all over the joint! Usually I have to post backwards so the pics load and are click-ably enlarged. They are loading top down today. Oh well. Maybe next time it will be better.

I have quite a few projects I need to get my arse in gear on! Of course most of them I have known about for months.

  • Guild challenge....Initially Yours...colors beginning with your initial. I just have to finish the edges, sleeve and label.
  • Mixed media book RR with a few like minded friends. Anything goes. I have to make the cover and back and signatures for each participant. I am using a collage technique from this cover of  Sew Somerset issue. I have canvas...need to prep background and start stitching everything but the kitchen sink onto it!
  • Homemade Holiday Swap. First holiday is Valentine's day. Anything I want to make for my assigned giftee in theme. Have a couple great idea's.
  • I signed on to the CQI Annual purse contest. I have the front pieced and an idea hatched! It is due by April. No blogging about it though til after.
  • CQ for ME....almost done stitching.
I am excited about the possibilities for all these projects!

So this is a piece that has tried my creative nerves! I took an online class with Ellen Lindner last year. Instant Art Quilt. I recommend it. I started with a hand dyed fabric, completed all the directives in the class and something about it was not right for me. I realized I the (urine) yellow in the fabric needed to go so I over dyed the whole thing in blue. Liked that but still I something? not right. I cut it up and resewed it into a new configuration. Good...for a few days. I know it needs something....a contrasting color? a cool embellishment? What? Help me!

Seriously, my post/blog has a mind of it's own right now. I apologize for the erratic assemblage.


tisme said...

I am so glad you blogged about the Instant Art Quilt class! I have been looking at it and trying to decide if I wanted to take this.
Now, I will.
Love your spider too.

Elaine said...

I like the instant art piece - it is serenly "cool". But, I do agree it needs something. Of course I would suggest beads or embellishments. To pop a color, you could go opposite on the color wheel. You like orange, how about playing around with orange. Maybe a few beads in the stepping stones? Maybe a thread embellishment of some sort? But, just a little. I could see something in the corners too - maybe just something with thread - a quilted motif? But in the same cool colors? Just my thoughts.

Anonymous said...

Looked at the instant art piece yesterday and did not have time to write. It is really neat and I like what you have done. I envy your embroidery skills!!!! Working on the tax training has worn me out. All this snow cannot make your job emjoyable.

Ellen Lindner said...

Hi Kathi,

This is looking very cool. Overdying is VERY creative, and your little circles/bubbles of quilting are perfect!

For additions you could consider very small pieces of white (maybe circular also?) They coould even be done with tulle or other sheers. I did this with one of my samples. See http://www.adventurequilter.com/e-Learning/Online_Classes/IAQ/Ellen_IAQ.html

I'm sure you'll find the perfect thing. Can't wait to see it!

Ellen Lindner said...

P.S. Here's another example of white (and darker blue) aginst a light blue background. You'll see some sheers used here, too. http://www.adventurequilter.com/Quilt_Pages/Neighborhood/Blue_Berries.html