Friday, January 22, 2010

T.G.I.F. me a weekend!
Ian & Darcy are here til tomorrow afternoon. Michael & Karyssa coming home tomorrow, so it will be busy in my little house!
Quilt show committee meeting in the morning. We will show our progress on the raffle quilt......speaking of the raffle quilt....I had a scare this week! I am storing it in a trash bag to protect it from soilage. Well I took trash bags to the dumpster and the next day I looked for the quilt and FLASH.....I thought I had tossed it in with all the white trash bags. OMG. I had panic running in all extremities!
BUT I really know myself...I had put it on back seat thinking I would do just such a thing! PHEW.

I will be working on my Book for the RR since it has to be mailed next week. I also have to mail the gift I still haven't made to OJM for the Holiday swap. I have changed my mind and will be making something other than what I started.

Our library had a wonderful display of artwork from a local elementary school. I took some pictures and want to share some. There is nothing as pure as a child's piece of art. I can see these being an inspiration for a project.

I have learned:

  1. Justin Bieber is all the Tiger Beat rage for 11 year olds!
  2. If I could stay up to watch late night, I wouldn't. Jay Leno is not the man.
  3. New Norah did I not know this came out in November? I love all her music.
  4. Habib, Cory's outdoor cat, is MIA. Trackers were on his property looking for an 80 lb coyote.
  5. Blower motor for a 50 year old furnace = $355.00. Gotta stay warm so..
  6. Art Nouveau book. Love this style. Good book.

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