Sunday, January 10, 2010

Quilt Guild Raffle Quilt Progress....getting there!

I spent hours yesterday at my friend Mary Ellen's wonderful new (older) house on a perfect wooded lot, sewing the outer border on our quilt guild's raffle quilt. We had to prep the CH steps blocks and the corner appliqued blocks in order to sew them to the center. I was so thankful for her assistance and the delicious tortellini soup she made! Time has passed very quickly since Tracy & I first took this project on and we are nearing deadlines. We have the last border to add yet, then it can go to the quilter! YAY! I truly love it! My son declared he would like to cover up with it so I think it will be male friendly! Maybe I will have him sell tickets at school! I have already enlisted Melissa...she teaches 2nd grade and is going to include a flyer in her yellow envelope home with her kids.

I was able to be even more creative today! ALL day. I love it when that happens. I worked on a Valentine's themed gift for a fellow participant in HGTV's message board Homemade Holiday Swap. I can't show a picture of it until she gets it in New Hampshire, but I love love love it! I will be doing another one for sure. I will only say that I used sheer fabrics and it its so cool!

Last night it was -7 F. So frigid. I have been walking cross country lines at work and more to go this week. The snow is deep, the boots are high and heavy. Slow going for sure. One walk had me scaling 2 ravines approximately 50' deep. The woods are pretty though, with the snow and deer are leaping along the way. BUT even on these cold, bundled-up days I would never want to work in an office again. I have been out in the field for over 13 years now,  after 17 years at a desk.

I have learned:

  1. That I am not catching on to this new Blogger version very well. I can't get my cursor to go where I want it to!
  2. The Help was a good read. I will never think of Chocolate Pie the same again.
  3. Picked up Pat Conroy's South of Broad at the library. I liked Beach Music. I like books that have a southern setting.
  4. Pat Conroy's wife is Cassandra King. I read The Same Sweet Girls.
  5. Sade comes out with a new CD Feb. 11th. I have listened to her since Promise in 1985. Lovers Rock is a favorite too.
  6. one pretty thing is a great site that links you to cool things people make. Always something inspiring.

  7. Fiona is a rambunctious brat and I love her!


Thearica said...

That is a beautiful raffle quilt! I would like to get tickets please!

bingo~bonnie said...

I had to google the word ravine to make sure it was what I thought... OH MY woman!! You BE CAREFUL up there doing that!! ;)

and your #6 one pretty thing ..... did you know that mandylifeboats from the COF retreat was the creator of that website? ;)

Great pic of Fiona too!
Love from Texas! ~bonnie

JodyC said...

Beautiful raffle quilt, I would like to buy tickets.

Agreed, after reading "The Help" I'll never think of Chocolate Pie the same. Happy that I don't really care for chocolate pie. BTW: Thank you for posting your reading list, I've read two books from what you've posted and enjoyed both of them. Taking notes from this post on the others you have mentioned.

Stay warm.

Nicki Lee said...

I love that quilt! Count me in for some tickets too!

Have you read "Memiors of a Geisha"? I just bought it again (lent my copy out and never got it back) to reread as it is a wonderful story and well written. This year I promsie to read more so figured I'd start out rereading a favorite.

Fiona is adorable - almost as cute as my Brat the cat LOL!