Thursday, November 19, 2009

Thursday Bits

Here is a cool video on DISCHARGING. Towards the end he shows close ups of his quilting. He adds color to his discharged pieces with thread. Very interesting.

No pics of anything I have created since working all week limits what gets done for the duration.. I did manage some CQ stitching last night....a willow-y tree on my Kaffe Fassett fabrics piece. I am filling in the trunk using long & short stitch with variegated machine quilting thread, by hand!

Quilt guild Saturday morning and a little gathering of sewers after to help make paper pieced courthouse steps blocks for the raffle quilt. Tracy & I are hopeful that we will get much accomplished!

Sunday is the Bruce Springsteen concert....can't wait. Last concert on this tour so promises to be awesome.

I have learned:

  1. I have 3 unscheduled vacation days! I get 6 weeks vacation and have a hard time keeping track of them. I am off next week, Christmas week and now 3 additional days, making my total days to work the remainder of year~~17. Nice....
  2. Fiber One cereal....hope it works.
  3. New Moon comes out today. I read 3 of the books...couldn't get through another one though. I found them poorly written....long winded. I did see Twilight and liked it enough. I was charmed by it's low budget ambiance.
  4. Maria McKee. I remember hearing her with a band called Lone Justice years ago. She ventured out on her own eventually. Her distinctive vocals juxtapose her angelic looks. I have rediscovered her stuff in my CD collection and learned I really like it....again.

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