Sunday, November 8, 2009

Bit of Discharging...

Not enough creating today...too much cleaning (for me!), then lost steam. It was a beautiful day though. I did enjoy it! I can cross 'washing kitchen floor' off my list (been on it for awhile..)

I did manage to get some pics of the discharging I did earlier this week.
I found some felt sticky backed letters at Sally Ann's and thought I would use them to mask off an area and discharge with spray bleach cleaner on the black fabric.
This is what happened! I like it despite all it's shortcomings. The spray bleach I had was down to the bottom of the squirt tube in the bottle so the stream was more like splotch than spray. Also the felt sticky backed letters allowed some bleach under the letter so the image is not sharp. I love experimenting with this technique! I like the uncertainty and surprise. I appreciate the scrounge-y outcome! In a very short bit of time, with minimal materials, a very dramatic result.

It's time to make a list of projects in the forefront:
  1. Aida's CQ RR block..finish up & mail to Jody
  2. CQ for ME...keep on stitching on!
  3. Boutique quality item for guild Christmas gift exchange
  4. Create my BOOK for the RR beginning in canvas & paint to start
  5. Make pair of earrings from cool beads I got at Micheals
  6. Guild challenge.."Initially Yours". Kiwi, Dijon & initials are KDE.
  7. Valentine gift for HGTV Holiday Gift Swap
  8. Finish that darn IAQ piece
  9. My piece of the flower for Art Quilt Group
  10. Knit skinny scarf
  11. Marbled Mosaic piece

Most have been started, some are still in planning/thinking stage. All occupy my mind 24/7!

I have learned:

  1. Dental floss can actually push the nasty, bothersome food speck up into the gum. Ask me how I know. It is impossible to extract now without the expertise of a dental professional.
  2. Ian is 12! Preadolescence. My lucky sister.
  3. Creepy commercial...Halls cough drops. There is a DINER guy one that is just disturbing.
  4. 6 yrs 4 mos 3 wks til retirement.
  5. Irina, Althea & my favorite Carol Hannah are the 3 designers that will go to Bryant Park on Project Runway.