Saturday, November 28, 2009

I am Thankful for...

My sister and I. Me on the left, Noni (Noreen, a nice Irish name!) on the right. We wore matching red velvet jumpers.I have always liked this picture. The photographer would come to your house then. I remember snippets of this sitting. She is 15 months younger than me. Next Saturday she will be 47. Happy early Birthday!

Last night on HGTV, once again, we had the Friday night PJ Party as it is affectionately called! I made these cell phone cases with the help of Jessica. The one on the left is for my sister. Darcy, my niece "helped" me make it. (wink wink) I already have the pink & brown one in service. It was a fun little project and can see many uses for it, including iPods, small camera's, etc.

Fun was had by all on Thanksgiving! Well the 4 of sister, my niece & nephew. We played Cranium, ate a delicious dinner (which is saying alot for a meal I cook!) and laughed much! My sister stayed over and (what might become a tradition)....we got up and all of us were shopping by 6:00 AM Friday! I'm not a Black Friday fan...not a shopper really. BUT we made it an event and no one was harmed in this endeavor!

I have grand plans to make tomorrow a day I get some sewing done. Starting the guild challenge and make an exchange gift for our holiday meeting in December are at the top of the list.

I have learned:

  1. The Blind Side is a nice feel-good movie. Tim McGraw not a bad actor either.
  2. Hernia=son.
  3. Melissa heard the sound of car crashing again today. In Georgia. Rear ended by South Carolinian on their way home from Disney World. No one hurt.
  4. Citibank credit card raising rates as of January 1st to exorbitant rate. I don't like CC's. I did have to use my one and only to get my car out of hock (well...not hock really...)after the deer hit so now I have a dreaded balance. How can this be good for economic rebound?
  5. I recieved the supply list for Nancy Crow workshop in July!!

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