Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Bag of Stash + 2 Hours = Art Quilts

Last night my Art Quilt friends met. On the agenda was our own mini "Project Iron Quilter" challenge. Each member brought some fabrics in a bag to swap out. We had 2 hours to make a 9" x 12" finished quilt, using the Art Quilt Workbook, chapter five...INNOVATIVE PIECING.
This is my piece....quickly machine quilted and for the most part done! It was an excellent exercise in decision making. The time frame did not allow for 2nd, 3rd and 4th guessing!

Elaine got my bag of stuff. I threw in a little piece of green Lumiere painted used dryer sheet and one of my experiments using a leaf as a stamp along with the fabrics. I love what she did with them!
Sharon's finished art the way she attached the yarn embellishment and good contrast.

Martha's piece...notice her machine quilting. She has been following the 365 Machine Quilting patterns blog (it's on my list to the left). Martha was the only one of us that actually practiced the techniques in the chapter before we met!

Christie was present, telling us funny stories while making up a high school math test for her students.

Fun was had by all and we will be doing this again!

I have learned:

  1. Canine oral surgery is a bloody mess. I feel bad for my Dean. On a good note, no cesspool breath.
  2. Sinus issues. Bad. Much meds.


Priscilla Kibbee said...

What fun!

Aida Costa said...

Wow, how fun is that?? You all made some gorgeous little quilts! A small fiber arts group is such a great idea.

Shogun said...

I just saw this on HGTV MB and this sounds like such a great activity. I'll bet it was a fun night.

Elin said...

Very cool!!! Thanks so much for posting.