Monday, November 23, 2009

Origami Bag

This is my origami bag! Fun little thing to make. On the HGTV message board, a veritable treasure trove of talented and generous people, a new feature has been thought up by a couple members. They are calling it a "PJ Party" since you would be home at night all comfy working along with others online! Jean taught us, with pictures and explanations, how to construct this adorable bag. I began with an 18" square. After folding, stitching and it is.

The concert was a true experience. Anyone that has been to one knows what I am talking about. My son, Michael, slipped out during the show to buy this zipper hoodie for me. I love it...this is the back. Here is the review with pictures.

Saturday was quilt guild. Melanie and her mom did a Meet a Member trunk show for us. Keep in mind they are affectionately referred to as "Lucy & Ethel" so laughs were expected and no one was disappointed! It was an insightful presentation and everyone came away knowing a bit about all the things they have dabbled in that made them come to quilting with us today. Having them in our guild has been a breath of fresh air. Great job girls!

After the meeting a small group of women stayed to lend Tracy & I a hand paper piecing the courthouse steps blocks. We had a couple volunteers work on and complete our prairie point border. Much progress.

My friend Ann gifted me with (what any CQer would covet!) 6 retired upholstery/home dec fabric sample books. It felt like Christmas! Thanks Ann!

Cynda, who is interested in more arty stuff, had some excellent info for me on discharging. Cynda's entries for our annual challenge are always one of my favorites. She has a different view and I get it!

I have learned:

  1. How to make fabric ties. I made them for the origami bag since I didn't have cording on hand that matched.
  2. I have Beadlust....
  3. Enterprise commercial. What does renting a car have to do with lingerie? Weird.
  4. Target's blond hyper-shopper woman commercials.....funny.
  5. My sister uses me. I could call it a threat but it's really more of a challenge......for my niece & nephew to improve grades by next marking period. Whoever has the highest average apparently wins a day with me ALONE! Such power I hold.

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