Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Little Ruched Flower...I used the green fabric!

....feels like I have been working for days! I have been keeping busy stitching on the 2 crazy quilt blocks I have. Aida's is almost finished and will be mailed to Jody by Thanksgiving.
I have been looking for the project that will be my gift for guild's Christmas exchange. I have a couple idea's!
I have been going through some old issues of THREADS magazine Colleen sent to me and finding some very interesting articles and images for my idea journal.

As I mentioned in another post we were given 2 fabrics and a lace motif (I need to locate my motif! It is lost in my stash!)and challenged to use them in some way in a CQ block for ourselves. This green silk is the 2nd fabric. I cut a strip, folded both edges under and ruched the length...pull it up and voile! a quick, cute little flower. The button center is vintage and thanks to my friend Terry for the jar of great vintage buttons! She likes to thrift and will pick up little precious bits of things for me. She knows what I like!
Also notice the green bead seam treatment to the left. I will need to balance the block with more beading.
I stitched some beads on the blue silk flower (the 1st fabric I needed to use in this challenge). Adding beads along both edges pulls that color out giving some cohesion to this section.

That's all!

I have learned:

  1. Sesame Street is 40 years old today. I was 8 when it began. I never watched an episode til Melissa was born. PBS was not cool back in the day!
  2. This is a great site with really good tutorials for projects.
  3. So You Think You Can Dance is on at 8 tonight....I've said it before but I really love this show.
  4. 12 nights from now I will be waiting for Bruce Springsteen to take the stage. The last concert of this tour here in Buffalo! Excited!

Have a good week...make something cool...learn something new!


Thearica said...

I was wondering what you were going to do with your 2 fabrics..Those flowers are great! NOW I cant wait to see this block finished...I wish I had your creative energy in my brain...

wren (wrenegade or Karen) from HGTV said...

Hi Kathi!

I've been enjoying your blog. I went on a thread on HGTV to thank you for explaining what the blue flower on your CQfor me block was, but the thread is closed, so (lucky me) it led me to your blog. I like your style of being bold in combining colors and your great eye for composition.

Lady Fudge Flow said...

Amazing colour and detail! I'll be following you around the blogosphere for a while if you don't mind :)