Monday, April 27, 2009

My Retreat was a BLAST!

Here I am with a few of my Circle of Friends retreaters in KEEPSAKE QUILTING store.

(Lisa, Nicki, me, Elaine, Talia, Tami and Ely) I had a great time! I am very tired from the busy weekend ( not much SLEEP!) and the 450 mile drive home today. I learned much, laughed alot and met some interesting people that I will always call FRIENDS!!

Right next door to Keepsake Quilting is PATTERNWORKS store. (Jody, me & Shirl). There was also a bead store & Needlearts store in town.

I would love to know how much $$ all these woman spent that day! I have knowledge of at least one woman that spent $500 at Keepsake alone and had it all shipped home!!! We can't deny our part in stimulating the economy this past weekend for sure.

Today I learned:

  1. Swine Flu is epidemic, or so says all news channels...I seem to remember a Swine Flu in the 70's..?
  2. My daughter CAN take good care of home & animals. 1 Dean, 1 Chester & 1 Clifford all good and no signs of broken molding on any doors, no sink full of dirty dishes. All went well in my absence. Thanks!
  3. I paid 2.06 for gas in New Hampshire this morning and 2.18 for gas at home this evening. Sucks for us.


Anonymous said...

Good morning, Kathi, Loved the pictures and wishing you a great day... one without rain until the work day is over. Anne

talia said...

awww great pictures Kathi! I still have to update my blog with my CoF experiences and pictures. I'm STILL putting things away, most of it is done, it's now most;y beads! I'm so glad that you, Ely and myself got to git together again!! ♥ ya !