Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Finished Cuff and other bits...

I added the eyelets and black cording for a cool corset-like closure. In my attempt to fulfill my gaol to publish something I am sending this off to be considered for Belle Armoire magazine. If you scroll down on this page-Calls & Challenges
You can see all the different magazines that Stampington & Company markets and what they are looking for at any time. I am thinking of making another one since the deadline isn't until June.

This is Carolyn's artistic Mermaid crazy quilt block, complete with depth of field! It's not a great picture of it however, but the block is BEAUTIFUL. The first thing I did was add the FULL's felted wool with beads sewn randomly on it.I traced out a pattern from a book that I thought interpretive of waves. I am filling it in with a very icy light blue pearlescent floss. It is VERY time consuming however but the effect is going to be will make nice definition between SEA & SKY.

This is my rendition of a JELLYFISH! I used tulle and beads and white pearlescent floss. I like it. I hope Carolyn does too.


Last night I met with my ART QUILT group and one of the girls had us do an exercise using black strips and a white background. The top left and bottom right block were using straight pieces of black that could only be arranged perpendicular to the edges......the top right one was using only straight strips on a diagonal. Bottom left was curvy and I chose perpendicular. I REALLY like the curvy one and want to use the idea...maybe for an art quilt! It was really fun to work within the parameters. Sometimes starting is the stumbling block. I seem to need an assignment or at least a topic to channel my creative energy otherwise my mind is all over!


I watched Walk the Line last night. I liked it. It made me want to read about June Carter actually. Also inspires me to listen to old Johnny Cash.

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tisme said...

I just found out you had a blog!! I will add you to my sidebar, so I can keep up with what you are doing.
I love Carolyn`s block, and the other mermaid blocks I have seen. They are all so beautiful!