Saturday, April 4, 2009

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Working on the Mermaid CQ block. I have been sketching & figuring out how to make a jellyfish. I have done one before with chiffon & beads. I don't like to do the same thing twice. I have some upholstery twisted fringe and think it will make good tentacles. (Not sure what those leggy things are really called!) I will use layered sheers for the body.

Also have some dyed lace that I cut up and configured some fish that are ready to stitch down.

Bought some pearlized white & light blue floss today. Might be good to fill it the waves. Tried beads....didn't like it.

Will post when done.

Here is a picture of a little something I stitched a little bit ago. I love words. DREAM was written to scale on a piece of tracing paper. I pin that to fabric and backstitch the outline. After removing tracing paper (can be tedious to pull out from under some stitches) I fill in open areas with lots of french knots, my favorite stitch.

Years ago, before I even had kids, I worked on a cute stamped embroidery I bought at a cool old WOOLWORTH's store that of course has been closed for years now in downtown Buffalo. It had a patchwork quilt and little children tucked in, but the most interesting thing on this piece was a teddy bear done entirely in french knots. I remember how satisfying it was to see all that texture. I love them clustered and I love them randomly spaced. They look good as an accent on any stitch combination and they can stand on their own.

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