Tuesday, April 7, 2009

30 FQ give-away!

In honor of her daughter's birthday Thearica is giving away 30 Fat Quarters. Guess how old her daughter is?? I am in a crazy quilt RR with her. MERMAID'S are the theme. You can see her block on her blog. She is also a talented longarm quilter. I will get to meet her in a couple weeks at the retreat in MANCHESTER. I hope to see some of her work there.

SNOW. April 7th. Spring.

Today I mailed off my first piece for consideration for publication in a magazine. I have had this on my list for years and am determined this year it will happen. I actually don't have a good picture of it. It is a 12"x12" shadowbox framed wool/needle felted snowman/moon/nest thing I called "SNOWBIRD" The snowman has wings....again the fascination on WINGS. Not sure how this works....YES we will or NO we can't. Time will tell. I will keep trying though!

Today I Learned
  1. We did an exercise in design & composition at my ART Quilt group. Just using linear & curved black scraps on a white background. I liked doing it...a good way to loosen up and just get something done. I will use this process.

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Thearica said...

Good luck on your piece for publication!

And thanks for the shout out for my give away!