Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Finally Ready for C.O.F Quilt Retreat!!!

I am excited and ready to go at 7 AM. I will be heading east to pick up Charlene in Syracuse and off to Manchester NH. 70 women gathering for 3 full days of classes, bus trip, speakers, sewing and friendship.....many laughs for sure.
I plan to take my laptop since I have many ????? for a few of my PC SAVVY friends. I need pointers on this blogging thing!
I will try to post pictures over the weekend.
Wait til you see the Pajama Queen contest!


tisme said...

See yah tomorrow!! Can`t wait!!! I can`t sleep, so am just trying to make sure I have everything!!

Saved Sinnr said...

Love your site Irish... have a WONDERFUL time with all the gals! SS

Anonymous said...

I will look each morning to see if you posted any of those promised pictures. It is almost 80° today and you would not need to wear those long johns. Enjoy your week-end.