Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Gorgeous Sharon Schamber Quilt

Meeting interesting people at my retreat was the highlight for sure and I have plenty of fodder for many days of postings!
Thearica was only one of the many wonderful people. She showed us a quilt she won that Sharon Schamber made. WOW...I wish you could see it in person because the pics don't give it justice. It is a MASTERPIECE. The machine quilting, the painting..the work SHARON put into this is truly unbelievable....Thearica said there were over 600 hours logged on it. When she showed this piece I actually had goosebumps......you could FEEL all the time and effort that was put into it. The machine quilting is dense and the motifs are small. Thearica is very LUCKY to have this special ANGEL watching over her!

I mentioned in an earlier post that we all were provided the same FQ to make anything with..no real limitations. I had a hard time with this fabric! I made 2 pair of BOOTIES! One for a boy and one for a girl. I fused the cotton to felted wool to give it more stability....I also FUSSY CUT them so that each pair matched the mate!. My roomie NICKI is going to be a grandma to twins soon...fraternal...D'Angelo & Evita!! I gave them to her for the babies.


I have been watching AMERICAN IDOL sporadically this year. It seems to satisfy my need to see good things as opposed to depressing, negative, nasty TV. My niece, Darcy, and nephew, Ian, watched some of the beginnings with me and from the GET-GO Darcy & I liked Danny Gokey. I still like him. I would buy a his music...love the raspy, bluesy-ness in that voice! I may even vote tonight!

SPRING is close. The lawn has been cut for the first time this year, everything is GREEN & BUDDING trees looking good. I love looking at GARDENS. I am not a gardener however. I do enough to make things look nice and as much as my aching back will allow! I do appreciate the beauty others work so hard to provide for us however.

These ARE in my garden thanks to the previous owner! They are beautiful.
Recently I learned:
  1. Thearica is pronounced Ther-isa.
  2. How to make a folded rose using ordinary satin ribbon;a ribbon coreopsis and a taffeta pansy from a talented Crazy Quilter~TAMI. Very COOL!
  3. I like the concept of a Blackberry and ALMOST want one. If I wait long enough I can have my daughter's when she replaces it with more current technology. PATIENCE.

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tisme said...

I loved seeing you again and reconnecting. I will be watching for you on learningfa.
And I am sure you will get all this blogging stuff down pat real soon. I am still tired, but very happy. Now we have over a year to recuperate and get ready to do it all again!