Monday, September 6, 2010

Quilted "Freedom"

I have been plugging along on this project. The machine quilting is finally finished. I have sewn a facing to it, so the last thing is sewing that down on the back...oh and the sleeve! I like it.

The next challenge, due on the 12th, is Beads, Baubles and Bangles. I nixed the first attempt and have 75% progress made on this one.  I can't show pics of what I have done until after the reveal next week.
Also in the works is the current Homemade Holiday Swap. Can be either, Halloween, Autumn or Thanksgiving theme.I have been looking for a way to use some of my beautiful wool bits I have been collecting. There is parts of a blazer, blanket, suit coat and wool remnants in my gift. I used my sewing machine and my embellishing machine. I am happy with it and hope my recipient will feel the same. Of course, no pics of this either as it is a gift. After the 26th I can post that pic.

Thearica has possession of Atomic Number, my Nancy Crow class quilt. As I suspected, she is going to have a blast quilting it. I knew she was the woman for the job!

My quilt guild's biannual quilt show is this October. One of our younger, more tech savvy members created an online registration form for registering our quilts...what an efficient, time saving option! It's always the multiple step things (find form online, take laptop to printer upstairs, after finding paper..print, fill out form, mail or take to meeting) that give me troubles. I am curious how many of our membership used it.

I have learned:
  1. my shift key broke off so every time i have to make a capital letter i have to delicately press this tiny rubber boot, which has also come off. not fun. not good. laptop nearing its demise i fear.
  2. i have a favorite bead...a delica i am sure...charcoal hint with a crystal rhinestone shine. i don't know where they came from. not sure if they are vintage. i want more. lots more!
  3. my elmwood art fest acquisition. i love the whimsy and tone of this piece.
  1. i joined this 1-yard-hand-dyed-fabric-a-month courtesy of judy robertson of just imagination. she was a vendor at QBL and i could not resist a few pieces of spectacular fabrics. i just got my 2nd months gem. 


Debbie said... online form would be heavenly. I am doing the registering for my guild's show right now, and it is driving me crazy because I can't read their writing, besides the rest of the complaints.
BTW... Love the latest art project....what was your inspiration and thought process for it?
And find a Big Lots...just got a new keyboard for $6!

JodyC said...

Freedom Quilt beautiful quilting. Need to get going on my BBB quilt, can't wait to see them on the 12th. As "Debbie" said, get a new keyboard, it is possible to plug a keyboard in to your laptop and use it instead of the keyboard on the laptop.