Monday, September 27, 2010

What did they say to do? Quilting Arts TV UFO

Remember this? IAQ (instant art quilt from Ellen Lindner's online class) has been anything but that for me! I have cut it up twice, over dyed it, even tried to add a little whimsy with the faerie patch. When Quilting Arts TV made a call for unfinished art quilts for consideration for this season's show, I submitted a pic of this. I just got it back with a note to watch for advice from an artist on an upcoming episode!
I don't record on my TV so I may not get to see it. If anyone sees it though, can you pass on the advice?

Last Friday I took a class from Janet Root with my friend Tracy. We both loved this quilt when Janet did a trunk show for us last spring. She teaches it with permission from the designer and the pattern was published years ago in a quilt magazine.
I really love the strong 9 patch design. I am making this for Melissa and Cory.
Here are my first 2 blocks. (the lighting in this shop was not conducive to true fabric color) It will be gorgeous.
Here are Tracy's. Love the striped fabrics she is using.
Some members of my quilt guild took a short bus trip to Chautauqua for a wonderful quilt show Saturday. I have never been there before, so being on the grounds of this unique old community of 250 acres and seeing all the old houses was special enough. Saw many beautiful quilts and shopped many a vendor.  Too many!

Michael is still home from college with mono. The tonsillitis seems to be gone but now he has an all over rash which apparently is another possible side effect of mono. 

Our quilt show is in 3 weeks! Of course I have quite a bit of finishing to do on the pieces I already registered. We have George Siciliano doing 2 workshops....this one on Friday I believe and this one on Saturday..
They are paper pieced on his foundation fabrics. I want to gather my own fabrics rather than buying the kit for quite a bit of money. Some of the fabrics I had to buy for Nancy Crow will work. There will also be a lecture Friday night and anyone is welcome. There is still room in both classes, $55.00, 9-4 each day. 
If you live in western NY, come to a great show...Friday and Saturday, October 15 and 16 in Batavia.
A fellow Nancy Crow/QBL student has joined by guild. Karen worked diligently all week long, right near me, and it was the last hour on the last day that we realized we lived near-ish each other! She showed her Crow creation this month and it is stunning. She actually started over and this is what she made...
These quilts were referred to by Nancy as Ribbon Quilts. I had not heard of that term before, but they are just that.....ribbons of color and value. Karen had already shown us a few really great quilts and we are happy she has become a member.
I was rummaging through my fabrics that we spent hours sewing up in that class and there is enough to make more ribbon quilts. It is on my ever growing list.
Yesterday was spent messing around with my online art quilt groups current challenge....symbol. I used freezer paper to make my pattern, cutting it up and ironing to my fabric. I did get it layed out and can  see where it's going. May need to do some Esterita Austin-class painting on it if the thread work doesn't give me the expected results. I need to decide that background fabric now. HHmmmmm.
CQing on Nicki's mermaid still. I am almost done with my bits. Pics in a bit.

I have learned:

  1. my "live well be happy" table runner went for $65 at the benefit my sister held for a close friend. She assured me the owner loves it.
  2. Blackberry + gravel = yep, cracked screen. It does resemble a stick figure though, so at least it's  creative damage!
  3. My cholesterol is not a good 251.

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Nicki Lee said...

Ohhhhhhh I just love Melissa's quilt! You are one busy lady - always coming up with something new. I think I need to come live with you for a year so you can teach me everything you've learned this past year so far!