Sunday, September 19, 2010

Live Well and Be Happy.......

Words to live by, right? I just finished hand sewing the great orange velvet binding down. It measures approximately 44" x 10", a perfect table runner. The green/gold/black/gray base is all recycled wool clothing. blanket and ends. "live well and be happy" is from a very nice book called Applique Outside the Lines with Piece O' cake Designs by Becky Goldsmith & Linda Jenkins. A fun book. it was shown as part of a wall hanging but I was immediately drawn to it as a single element.
I had it enlarged at Office Depot, traced onto freezer paper, cut out, ironed onto stitched background and used my embellishing machine (!!!!) to attach all verbiage. Machine stitched for permanence. The cotton velvet is the backing and binding.
Fun to make. This will be donated to a benefit my sister is having Saturday, for a good friend of hers' family. I hope it finds an appreciative home.

Quilt guild was really interesting yesterday. Wenda Coburn runs a program called "", teaching inmates in the Onondaga County jail to quilt and sew. It was truly fascinating to heat her story, from the inception of the program to all the security measures it takes to get through each class to what she has learned about women, jails and herself.

What a beautiful day today was. I took some time to sit outside since I know very soon it won't be an option. I took some stitching with me and....ahhhh, relaxed!

Now that the BBB challenge is finished I have been thinking about the current challenge.....symbol. My friend Tracy mentioned last year, when we were discussing signage for a dream quilt shop in my retirement future (emphasis on dream) that it has to have a winged heart in's your thing. Hmmmm. It is. I am repeatedly inspired to work with this symbol, so it was a no brainer. Well not entirely. I did think I should so something else....had an idea...but it didn't feel right. So now how do I execute? I have a pretty cool idea right now. Can I make it work? I am going to try! Now I can't show you til the reveal in 5 weeks.

I have learned:
  1. What a strange commercial. People look so strange smoking. 
  2. Will I ever finish "Under the Dome"? pg. 844, 230 more to go. I need to find out what this dang dome is.
  3. Project Runway. I like April. 
  4. How many vials of blood do they need to run a few tests.....4 apparently. Wonder what they will say about me?
  5. Mary Ann Scarborough's Salon at Medina's Shirt Factory Cafe was a very nice night out with friends. All her work is hand stitched and embroidered in silk. It was luscious. 
  6. Debbie awarded my blog a Sunshine award! Thank you! I need to pass it will take time.

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