Sunday, September 12, 2010

"Cascade of Roses" Art Quilt

So I made the deadline! My online art quilt group's challenge was Beads, Baubles & Bangles. Well, not being an overtly blingy person and one who has limited time amongst all my obligations etc, I knew my piece had to be light bling. I sketched out a cascade of roses onto which i would sew reclaimed (from a Sally Ann sweater) pearls and desirous and now depleted delica beads that look like tiny rhinestones. Each rose is a ripped strip of sheer fabric, twisted and tacked to a felt background. All roses arranged and sewn to a felt backing, then all those beads and pearls sewn on by hand.

I rust dyed the background, then over dyed it with chartreuse Dynaflow dye. Love that color! I machine quilted that with shiny rayon, rust colored thread.
After sewing the rose cascade to the rusty fabric, I used the rust and a deep red thread to randomly stitch a bit.
While this piece has definite design flaws (from any distance, the roses disappear and it looks like a big red formation....ahh well.) I tried some things I have wanted to do and met the deadline.
It has been good practice to make those flowers since I will be doing something along those lines for Melissa's wedding flowers next October for the Wedding!
The next challenge is "symbol". Presumably, a personal symbol. I have an idea.....or two! Of course I look forward to doing a new technique. I have six weeks. They fly by.

Nicki's CQ mermaid block has gotten some good attention from me already. I have a few area's on that to finish up and hope to get it to her soon as I know she is anxious to see it again.

Th gift for the current Homemade Holiday Swap is still in its 1/2 way done state. I really love it. I hope to make another one for the quilt shows silent auction in October and another for a hostess gift. It will be ready to mail by the 26th.

Made the Weight Watchers vegetable soup today, this semi-chilly Sunday....0 points! Now my sister is on board with all 4 of us. And I am tracking...the hardest part for me.

Watching "Fallen" on AMC right now. Good movie.Denzel Washington, 1998.

Thanksgiving may find me in Cincinnati, OH. My sister and I, along with our kids, are all that remain here in western NY. Relatives scattered across states, disconnected by previous relationship disasters and busy lives, will hopefully rekindle and stay relevant. I will be thankful.

Took Michael back to Fisher this morning. He asked about his jersey quilt....! I have a deadline now. His 22nd birthday, October 23rd. I work so much better within a parameter of time! So I will add this to the list!

I have learned:
  1. M & M's commercial for the new pretzel version of the candy is funny.
  2. The Bills 10 vs. Miami 15. Bills fans are ALWAYS so hopeful. oh well.
  3. is a great site with links to alot of creativity
  4. Crazy Heart. Jeff Bridges was worthy.


Thearica said...

I loved the fabric when I saw it in the earlier post but now it is awesomer than ever!

is that a word? lol

Debbie said...

I am tagging you for the Sunshine Award! Details on my blog
I always enjoy your creative projects.