Wednesday, June 30, 2010


I used layered sheers, beads, silver cording...all hand stitched around a velvet heart, mounted on canvas that has blue tissue (dollar store gift tissue) and white tulle over the canvas, sprinkled with pretty glitter! I loved every step of this project and you can see this along with 57 other small works of art from 5 talented women at GoART!'s satellite gallery at Batavia Sr. Center on Bank Street. You can visit the show in July & August. If you are able, you won't be disappointed. I am impressed with us!

Getting things finished for this show was a bit of work for me. I am focused on process so product is not that important to me but it does feel good to be done with some things! My next focus is a crazy quilted piece for my quilt guild's show in October. I have much hand stitching to do but it is truly my favorite thing to do.

My friend (and fellow art quilt show exhibitor) Sharon, has had a few harrowing weeks which have culminated in her husband being hospitalized. Because she will be busy with doctor appointments and hospital visits she has had to give up her spot in a few classes. I will be her fill-in for Karen Miller's 2 day class next week to learn katazome, an old Japanese stenciling technique. I am intrigued by screen printing  and the many ways to achieve this look and this will give me my first adventure!

Sharon has asked me to gather some crazy quilting, hand stitching bits to keep her occupied and productive.  I hope it will provide some comfort to her in those hours so I am going to mindfully gather supplies and a base block for her.

Last Saturday Melissa &  I spent 10 hours in my comfy, road worthy Trailblazer traveling to Virginia for her best friend, Michelle's, baby shower Sunday....then we drove the 10 hours home. Midnight. Thunderstorms. Rain. Tired.

This weekend I need to weed. Yuck. Just enough to appear home owner conscious, which means only the front gardens. Maybe. If something more exciting calls to me...I am there!

I have learned:

  1. Melissa has cut the last apron string.....her own cell phone account!
  2. I will be needing Blackberry 101 lessons soon when I get her hand me down. How cool will it be to email anytime? Wow. Who'd of thought this possible while sitting under the dining room table on a phone connected to the wall in 1978? 
  3. Work of Art on Bravo is interesting. Sarah Jessica Parker is the producer. Artists given projects to complete in a frame of time and one gets eliminated each week. I just like any show that entertains me with creative competition.
  4. I work with people that think I made the word "conundrum" up. Hmm. Now that is a conundrum.


bingo~bonnie said...

long road trips can be fun... but they do seem to suck the life out of ya. As a matter of fact we've been on the road all DAY - left KY at 8am and the garmin says we won't be home until midnight... :/

thanks to my BLACKBERRY and little laptop I can surf while David drives... and if you thought talking on the phone under the table was cool - just you wait! you can do ir from the car too!! just need to download the application from one time fee of $25 and sooo worth it. we can use our laptop when we travel anywhere! ;)

I can also help you out with some good sites for learning your new bb after we get back home to TX where I have them bookmarked on my other computer ;)

congrats on that last apron string cutting! LOL

Love from somewhere in Mississippi on I-55... ~bonnie

Lin Moon said...

I just love "Crush" - can't quite figure out what is on that outside border - are there beads, lines of glitter -? It is so interesting and different! Thanks for commenting on my bra - I also made one for the Way To Women's Wellness Calendar that you might want to check out.

I brain-stormed all sorts of bra ideas - email me if you want me to send you my list....

Nicki Lee said...

Ohhhhhhhhhhhh I love "CRUSH"! You did a beautiful job on it... as with everything else you create. You are one mad, creative, insanely talented lady!