Sunday, June 13, 2010

Allentown Art Fest

That precious painting in lower left corner of pic is my don't-let-it-pass-you-regrettably-by purchase yesterday at the annual Allentown Art Festival. Melissa Masterangelo, the woman in the white shirt, is the artist. I love the quaintness of the birds on a clothesline. That blue is a favorite color of mine. I am very pleased to be the new owner!
Here are a few pics of some interesting vendors.
What looks like metal in this piece is actually metallic paint.
Many interesting jewelry vendors. I actually made another purchase for Melissa's wedding next year...a silver & Swarovski crystal pendant. No picture yet.
This guy's booth was incredible. I loved the whimsical black & white pots but the oil cans were amazing. These are made of clay. Not metal. Cool.
Here we are...Sandy, myself & Carol on what we all agree is our favorite day of the year!
Carol also made her annual foray into her friends' stained glass booth. These are her 2010 acquisitions. They are gorgeous.
A day at the Art Fest is not complete without experiencing the clarinet man....
and the bubble man on Allen St.
Lunch at Fiddle Heads Restaurant was a welcome respite from the warm sunny day pounding the pavement at one of Buffalo's best annual events!
It is indeed one of my favorite days with two of my favorite people.

I have learned:

  1. Melissa & Cory are the new caretakers of a bunny, as in rabbit. Free on Craigslist. I suggested they call him Chase!
  2. How to change a few things on my blog. It looks better than it did two days ago.
  3. I am intrigued by  Pandora charm bracelets.

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Anonymous said...

The new look this morning was a pleasant suprise!!! Loved the pictures from your Allentown adventure. Looks like another day of lacking sunshine. I have another book of goodies for you.