Friday, June 11, 2010

I Have No Idea What I Just Did...

Before I knew it my blog was changing with the press numerous buttons.Oh what have I done? No undo button to be found. I never noticed the DESIGN box on the sign in page, but today it blurbed open with template options. Hmmm I said to myself...I love change, let's see what we have here. This is what happens to a PC illiterate. I got lost in the land of irreversible title, post, date, link color, template, layout options!!! Oh my.
I don't love it....I was eyeballing Poet & Painter on But how do you import them? I want to change my header picture too. To what? I don't know. So many questions. Too many. My friend Thearica offered assistance with the whole shabang! I will train my ear to her very southern drawl and call her this weekend.
Allentown Art Festival tomorrow with Sandy & Carol. Hope to dodge the rain!
 One of the cool juried vendors from last year.
Time to walk the dog and read a few pages from the extremely heavy tome, Under the Dome, by Stephen King. Interesting characters.

I have learned:
  1. I should have waited for help instead of pecking around in blogger template options.
  2. It takes $480,000 to raise one child to 18. Is that all?
  3. I need to write an artist statement and bio for our little show at GoArt! in July & August.
  4. My niece Darcy (hey girl!) made varsity cheerleading team at St. Andrews for next year!


JodyC said...

Nothing wrong with exploring technology. You have a "Coffee" blog now :-) Just looked at, clicked on "install background" button, they give step by step instructions. You can do it, I know you can.

Enjoy the Art Festival.

Debbie said...

I read about the new design feature, but didn't want to loose what I had. Actually, I like the new combo....but is it you?

JodyC said...

WAIT!!! Don't do it, blogger seems to have changed their settings. I just tried it and now my blog is looking a little "funky". Oh well, one more project for this weekend.

Anonymous said...

Thought that I went to the wrong site due to the different arrangement. I sent a comment, but have no idea where it went, as it did not appear here. Loved the picture of the vendor's goods. Enjoy this warm, muggy week-end.

Debbie said...

Just noticed on my dashboard that when I am looking at Blogs I follow there is a tab called Blogger Buzz. click on it and read about the new designs they are doing. I also went to the forum----there are a lot of people who lost stuff when they tried the new design. Hang tight for now, and maybe they will get things back to normal.