Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Bias Strip Sheer Scarf....Using Solvy

Finally I can post this cool bias strip, sheer fabric scarf I made for the current round in the Homemade Holiday Swap I am participating in this year on HGTV Message board. July 4th/Summer was the assignment and since I didn't want to work with red, white and blue I made a Summer gift! I used the instructions from Threads magazine's site.It is approximately 5" X 80".  I knew when I got Linda's name I could make this for her and she would actually wear it! Fun.
Here is my wonderful gift! Sheri made this wallhanging/lap quilt. She put an incredible amount of work into this and I am grateful. I have been very lucky in this exchange so far!
Martha, me, Tracy, Elaine, Sharon, Marilee and Melanie all gathered at Mt. Pleasant Quilt Shop Saturday to make One Block Wonders! Martha graciously agreed to show us the in's & out's. We learned the trick is in the lining up and pinning the 6 layers of fabric. Once the cutting is done the magic begins! I love mine! No pics of it yet since it isn't pinned up, but I was driven by the outcome of each set of triangles...wanting to see the design pattern created with each one. In the pic we were getting silly, but if you look closely we are all demoing a couple of our blocks.
Here are a few of Tracy's blocks quickly pinned up. She used a Kaffe Fassett fabric. Awesome!
This is Martha's using a Jane Sassaman fabric. Lively!

This is the entrance to the quilt shop. Gorgeous gardens.

Busy week and weekend. Ian & Darcy were here enjoying the "country". They love it here. We dined at Cory's parents house Sunday night where they coerced me to the trampoline! My older, thicker body does not handle the exuberant bouncing like it did at 15!
Apparently I was running a child labor camp! Ian mowed and Darcy hosed the whirlybirds off the driveway! I already got a text from Darcy last night asking if they can come back next weekend.

This Saturday I have an all day Fabric Painting workshop through my guild. Promises to be another great learning experience!

I have learned:
  1. I love many of the backgrounds for blogs on this Shabby blogs.com and am thinking of beautifying mine. I don't know how though so I may be thinking on it for a while! I like the poet & painter but I see they add to the selection.
  2. Chester, my favorite old cat, has an over active thyroid causing his weight loss and ravenous appetite. I will give him a pill once a day and all better.
  3. So You Think You Can Dance started last Thursday! Love that show.
  4. I wish I had the pic that my son, Michael, took Saturday....of a very large snake coiled in the sun next to the deck while her baby was stretched out on the step. They have been here for years. Somehow it doesn't bother me. Now I know what Fiona is fixated on at the basement window! 
  5. Great episodes this season on Law & Order SVU and Criminal Intent. 
  6. Darcy downloaded the theme song from NCIS as my ringtone, from PhoneZoo.com....for free. Cool!
  7. Dean (my greyhound) is a killer. Yep, a murderer. Walk on leash. Tug away briskly. I follow. Rabbit pinned. Gaping wound presumably caused by large paw. Pry Dean off poor defensless rabbit. Cry while delivering diatribe on murder to my once docile dog. Men ata-boy'ed him. Ugh.


alexemmarose said...

Kathi-you are such a beautiful and talented woman! The red scarf you made for the handmade gift exchange is stunning! What a fortunate recipient!


JodyC said...

Kathi, I just love that scarf. The stack and whack blocks are beautiful. Looks like you had a busy, productive, and creative weekend.

The snakes would creep me out...wouldn't be able to go in the yard.

Penny said...

DANG, Kathi - that scarf in incredible!!

Congrats on the fabric painting workshop - I would love to go to one, myself.

Thearica said...

LOVE that scarf!! It is really vibrant!

If you want to call me over the weekend I will talk you through getting a background put on your blog. :)

Sherry said...

Enjoyed your blog this morning.

...and I'm sure you told Darcy to stay home...sure...