Sunday, May 23, 2010

Book RR Pages Finished

NURTURE page for Denise's book in the RR I am part of. The birds are the "peel" or "skin" I made with Gel Medium and a black & white photocopy. Layers of the gel are brushed on the image, letting each one dry between applications. I waited 3 days (to be sure all the layers were completely dry) then used water and a cloth to rub the paper!
I used the gel medium to adhere the peel to the fabric. The "nurture" definition is from an old dictionary...I put a few layers of gel over that too...made it more "cloth-y".
NEST/NESTLE is page 1. Denise's theme is nature inspired. Nest & nurture reference the mother in each of the participants.....and all mothers for that matter!
I loved working on these pages. A little mix of many things....thread painting, hand stitching, image transfer and coffee staining gauze (medical bandage from a CPR class!).

Handyman has been busy this week! Kitchen ceiling covered in wood, new halogen lights up, bathroom floor has nostalgic 1" hexagon tiles waiting for grout. Light gray. My studio is ready for MY hard work now. I need to sand the drywalled seam, prime walls and paint. Area rugs need cleaning....then all my cool stuff can be gathered round! The pleasure I get from improving my abode is priceless.

My son had asked me 1 1/2 yrs ago (really? ugh) to make him a quilt from all his football jersey's from age 7 to now, age 21. I prepped them months ago. This morning I got them out and put the puzzle together. I got his approval on the less than traditional assembly! I love how it is looking, so is he, which is all that matters.
I still have to add St John Fisher College football shirts. Not sure if it will need a border, but if I decide it does, I want it to be striped and mitered. The overall effect is so graphic. Cool.

I need to...
  1. Finish edges on ?teen pieces for my little art quilt groups show in July/August. Be sure it will be artist's choice on what constitutes finished!
  2. Fill out application for possible participant in GVQC's Project Iron Quilter at their quilt show at R.I.T. next June. 15-20 people will be chosen to make a quilt in 3 hours while attendees watch. I have chosen the 3 pieces that are representative of me to be included in the application. (photos only).
  3. Prototype a fabric flowers/feathers/rhinestones bouquet for Melissa's wedding. So glad she is on board with unique!
  4. Paint, paint & paint....
  5. Gift for next Homemade Holiday. Don't know who I have yet. Not sure what next holiday is either. I have time.
  6. Thread painting class lessons from Shirley on group. I have some catching up to do.
I am sure there are more obligations that elude me right now!

I have learned:
  1. Love the pools of light halogen light fixtures shed. Kitchen ambiance much improved.
  2. N.C.I.S. theme song available as a ringtone. I want it.
  3. Allentown Art Festival in 3 weeks!


JodyC said...

WOW busy weekend for you!!! Love your pages, t-shirt quilt is cool!!! I really like the graphic layout.

Martha said...

Curious how you heard about the Iron Quilter thing????

Elaine said...

Love the "nurture" piece now that it is finished! Love the T-Shirt quilt......

My daughter made her own wedding bouquet of fabric butterflies - very unique.

jackie said...

Sounds like a lot of hard work, but worth it I'm sure. Thanks for following my blog.