Thursday, May 13, 2010

Spring ATC's

"Hydrangeas" is what I call this little Spring themed ATC for the HEN swap. I mailed it to Lynn in MN Tuesday. I loved working on this! I used recycled wool (skirt from Sally Ann's for 1.99) that I dyed with DynaFlow dye. It is a gorgeous shade of blue. The flower heads were stitched on fabric with variegated crochet thread, which must be a size but I don't know what it is! I used silk ribbon to make the leaves on the base, then trimmed the french knot hydrangeas and stiiched onto the base over the ribbon. Two dragonfly buttons finish the scene.
This is the adorable ATC I got today from Lynn! I love it! It is cross-stitched and little sequins and beads finish it off. Love love love this! Thank you Lynn! It celebrates spring.

Weekend is almost here. It has been a long week. Busy days. One more busy day.

Quilt guild on Saturday. Always a good time. We will learn a few secrets that quilt show judges look for when we welcome Linda Hunter. then I plan to stay and sew with some friends after. That sleeve on our raffle quilt won't sew itself! Which reminds me, if anyone is interested in tickets, they are $1 each. Let me know if you are interested!

Denise's Book RR pages are just waiting for me to finish them. I will be setting aside time for them soon. I need to do my "nurture" side.
I am watching Fiona chase her tail and am finding it very entertaining~!

I have learned:
  1. My contractor is back! My antiquated old house presented problems when he installed my light in my studio yesterday......but now I have light!
  2. Kitchen ceiling will be covered with tongue and groove wood tomorrow, covering the water damage from the roof leak. Yay! 
  3. American Idol.....Lee. My choice.
  4. We have a new boss...bigger than the boss that thinks he is the "boss". Hoping goodness prevails. 
  5. Shutter Island. The book. Starting tonight.
  6. President Obama was in Buffalo today. Duff's for chicken wings.


JodyC said...

Beautiful Hydrangeas, you create the most awesome flower/motifs with French Knots, such patience. Happy to hear your contractor is back. Hope your remodel is finished soon so you can enjoy your space.

Nicki Lee said...

Ohhh! Kathi! Did you know that hydrangeas are my absolute favorite flower? I've got 4 bushes planted and each grows a different color flower... I LOVE youe ATC.. the blue is just gorgeous!

Denise said...

Darn, I think your post should have said those little hydrangeas were on their way to Denise in MN!! it's adorable!!