Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy 4th of July!

Who can say it better than Bob? Everyone in Batavia knows him by his red Jeep that roams the roads decorated (and by that I mean DECORATED!) for each holiday. I love his get up! He is serious in a completely endearing way.
This and other sites to behold were part of 4th of July.......
A true small town gathering in  beautiful Centennial Park. There were not a lot of craft vendors but  I did find this awesome woman selling little works of art. Real collaged cards .I love collage. Always have. (I need to do more of it because it IS my mind!)  I bought 3 cards, but wish I had purchased more after really looking at them.
Michelle's baby will get this welcome. 
The artist is from Pennsylvania and was up visiting her mom. While admiring her work she was so gracious. An artist that does what she does for love of the process....for her it's cutting up little bits of paper & making mini works of art! Making money doing it is secondary.
Do check out her website.

I don't have fantasical gardens but what I have managed to create are a few areas of flowering/foliage that I love. 

I have learned:

  1. The Sketchbook Project. Maybe. I would choose "this is not a sketchbook" theme since I don't sketch or draw. Fibers would be my medium. Thinking..... 
  2. Somerset Studio. New editor, refreshed & I am buying it.
  3. Melissa on her own cell plan now! I will inherit her Blackberry. I need Blackberry 101, 102 & 103 lessons! me!
  4. Under the Dome by Stephen King, the 1074 pg. tome I am good. But heavy. Heavy as in it must weigh 8 pounds!
  5. Bras for a Cause. Due August 30th. Will be displayed in GoArt! gallery in September this year. If you are local consider making one. 36C is the standard. A molded cup is best. Salvation Army. I picked up a pretty lacy Victoria's Secret number for 1.99. I have a couple of ideas!

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