Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Katazome Class...so cool

Just a quick post about my first, of a two day class, with Karen Miller, learning the Japanese technique called katazome. RAFA, Rochester Area Fiber Artists, allowed me to be a fill in for my friend Sharon. Thank you all!
I love every step in the process so far! We chose two designs from her collection of images and spent a couple of hours diligently cutting them out with a very small #11 exacto blade. Exciting to see your stencil take shape while learning to wield the knife. I didn't get a picture of my two I see, so tomorrow I will be sure to get one.  Fine silk is adhered to the stencils next using  black enamel paint and a roller. The paing and the type of paper you use makes for a very substantial stencil. Tomorrow we can print with them. Fun!
In the afternoon, Karen demonstrated how to apply the rice paste resist (which we made in the morning)then she graciously let us use her stencils to apply paste to a couple pieces of fabric.
It was a very full day with an hour ride each way, so I am sufficiently whooped.  My mind is reeling with ways I would use this technique.

It is hot. So hot." Cat on a Hot Tin Roof"  hot. "Some People Like it Hot".

I have learned:
  1. My friend Sandy has had a lymph node that has tested positive for cancer. She begins chemo again. Please include her in your prayers as this has proven to be a great comfort to her over the last 18 months. Sucks.


JodyC said...

Cool class!!! Looking forward to more photos. Keeping your friend Sandy in my prayers.

Penny said...

I will surely pray for your friend.

Priscilla Kibbee said...

Wow! I wish I had taken this class.

Elaine said...

Love your pics (as always). I'll pray for your friend as I now do others with this insidious disease. Why can't they find a cure???