Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Re-purposed Projects

I love to  recycle & reuse!
I worked for hours on my challenge for quilt guild today. Initially Yours is the assignment...we have to use colors in the quilt that begin with our initials. Mine are KDE, so I am using Kiwi, Dark red & Ebony. I can't post a picture until later in January. The background for my piece is from a vintage 70's gown I bought at Sally Ann's for under $5. Reuse #1.

I made a needle-book for my guild's Christmas exchange gift. As program's person I asked that members bring a boutique quality item and challenged them to reuse or re-purpose something in their stash. I had a vintage reproduction kitchen towel that I recycled for my project. I back stitched around the cherry motif to give it some definition, red wool "pages" inside and pockets too! I was happy that my friend Melanie ended up with it! Recycle #2.

My oldest friend Pam (I have known her since I was 7) asked me to make her a new wintry bag to hold papers (she's a middle school science teacher in Buffalo) and a book (avid reader...we used to ride our bikes to the library when we were young and read on her patio for fun!). The Delectable Mountain blocks were left-overs from a quilt I started approximately 15 years ago. (I did finish it 4 years ago for my daughter!) I never could toss these extras, you know how it is. I love how this bag worked out, so did Pammer's!
Recycle #3.

Makes me feel like all the stuff I collect really does have a re-purpose!

I have learned:

  1. It is so nice to have this time of year off. My 6th week of vacation will always be in December.

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