Saturday, December 19, 2009

CQ Willow Tree

The latest stitched motif on my CQ for ME block. I love this willow tree! I used variegated machine quilting thread doubled for the trunk & limbs. Beads and green rayon thread for the leaves. I did have to hoop this area since the dense long & short stitches puckered the background. I am working on a twisty SRE flower!

I have been sewing...made my very first french seamed pillowcase today. My friend Cheryl gave me a great pattern, but to actually make the french seam I referenced one of my sewing books. Not bad for first time. The first pillowcase will be mailed to Michael's girlfriend, Karyssa, Monday in her Christmas gift package! I even used one of those decorative stitches on my machine! I have 5 more cut out since I knew Melissa would say "Hey I want one of those". (everything I make she wants one!) Darcy, Ian, Michael and Cory are all on the list.

I also made a remote control caddy thanks to Quiltbea's wonderful instructions last night on HGTV messageboard. I am already using it!

I plan to make a few more of this useful project.

Off to Salvatore's Italian Garden for a Christmas party in a few hours. Sandy hasn't been cleared by doctors to drive yet and her husband is out of town so I will joyfully accompany her! Good company and great food! I have to dress up however....ugh! I can't believe I used to dress up for work every day years ago.

I have learned:

  1. Melissa will be 27 (OMG) in less than 11 hours. I will recount the birth day (aka labor story) throughout the day so no one forgets what I did to make it possible for her to live her AWESOME life!
  2. Michael home for break today!
  3. How to make a nice, neat, easy french seam.
  4. Frozen ground + screwdriver + 4 lb mallet = how I have to get locating (gas lines) flags in the ground now. Picture doing this with a down jacket, raincoat (good wind barrier), 2 pair gloves, hoodie up, hard hat over that, scarf wrapped 3 x's and the real fashion galoshes! Glamour Don't for sure!
  5. Alicia Keys' Empire State of Mind~~excellent sing-at-the-top-of-your-lungs-in-the-car song. My sister was so excited about this song she had to call and get me hooked too! Will be getting this CD.

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