Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Row by Row Round Robin

I am involved in a Row by Row Round Robin on HGTV message boards. We each make our first row, a 12" x 48" row, then include a bit of one fabric to be used in each subsequent row by the other quilters. This is Nicki's. She made the large blocks, I made the 8" block row for her. The red is her common fabric. I added a cranberry, a green and a gold with a speck of metallic. It is the Japanese X block. Love it. Mailed to Tonya today.
My row is the bottom Union Jack block, with the 8" row that Tonya added. I love the NY Beauty block, and I love what she did with the one turned a different way!
I have started this same RRRR with my guild. I hope a few of them get over here to see what we have done.

I have been down with the flu the last week. Much sleeping. Much coughing. I was hallucinating from the prescribed decongestant when I called my Dr saying I felt "outside my body" (true story) I cannot take those kinds of meds. The amoxicillin has me breaking out in hives all over my chest and shoulders. (unknown allergy) It's been miserable. Hoping I take a good turn soon!

Tomorrow is the opening reception at the Lower Mill Gallery in Honeoye. I would like to be well enough to attend. We are to have dinner afterwards in the Rabbit Room.

I have learned:

  1. Retreat at Asbury Manor in Silver Lake was fun by all accounts. I slept half of the time there with this illness. I did feel comforted that all my friends were but a text message away from me should I need anything!


Emmy Hartwick said...

LOVE the Row by Row Round Robins!!! Gives me some ideas on how to proceed with my first row of 12-inch blocks! :-) Thanks for the photos . . . and hope you feel better when you read this! Emmy

Thearica Burroughs said...

The flu is never fun! I do hope you are feeling much better!