Sunday, February 17, 2013

Jenn's Deployment Countdown Project

This is Jenn's deployment countdown project. It's a vintage frame. She painted the glass with chalkboard paint and has been x-ing the days since Michael left for Afghanistan on September 4th, 2012. It's a work of art. I love it. When the countdown commences on Michael's return, she will seal it and it will hang as a reminder, a true work of art.
Quilt guild was great, as usual, yesterday. Val Schultz & Julie Brandon have developed a program on collaboration. These two quilters have collaborated on two award winning pieces in the past year. One was juried into Houston's quilt show and won a ribbon, while the other quilt was in one of the Mancuso shows and also won a ribbon. Collaborating is exciting to me. I love to see what other's have to offer. I have been involved for years on HGTV message board & round robins and crazy quilt exchanges are a couple of the things I have collaborated on. Very inspiring program. Lunch with Martha, Mary Lee, Elaine, Julie and Val after meeting was the dessert of the day!
The horse head is fused! I started free motion quilting him down, but after work is not the optimal time for me to do that. I will finish it next weekend at our annual guild quilt retreat in Silver Lake. This is for Barb, who just retired 2 weeks ago from NFG. She has two horses, a lifelong dream realized.
In my continuing excitement/addiction with printing to fabric by Red-Dog Enterprises, my latest piece. Julie printed Sophia's face onto silk a couple weeks ago for me. It is simply luminous on silk! While she was playing with the pic, she came upon this fractured imagery. I love the triptych idea. I appreciate her compositional assistance. I lack the computer skills to do something like this. Love it!
Jenn gets a newsletter each week from Army family support. This was in the newsletter this week!

I have learned:

  1. 11 degrees. So so cold today. 
  2. Melissa is 18 weeks along. Feeling good. I loved being pregnant. Very intimate time with your unborn.
  3. 2 years, 11 months and 4 weeks to retirement!!
  4. Reading a Tom Clancy book. The Teeth of the Tiger. Happy to have found a new author to read. 
  5. No. 7 Serum from Target. This was recommended to me a couple years ago. I love the feel of it on my dry skin.


Emmy Hartwick said...

You are a busy artist! Love the triptych of the dear little child. :-) ... and all the other things you make.

Thearica said...

So proud of your son!

Tom Clancey is one of Butch's favorite authors. I think he has some of his old books laying around if you want to read them later on.

The horse quilt is going to be fantastic!

Martha Lorshbaugh said...

I'm proud to know you and- by association- Michael! He's a fine man!!
Can't wait for retreat- that what I'm counting down to:
2 days and 18 minutes. :-)