Sunday, August 21, 2011

Altered Book Bit

One page I have been working on for Melissa's altered book. It represents home. Our home. The three of us...her, me and Michael. She included a bunch of scrap booking items to use, which included the vellum quotes. I liked this one from Ralph Waldo Emerson..."The ornament of a house are the friends who frequent it"...but changed the "friends" to "family". Her theme is the small things in life. From where you come is more than small, but shapes the way you see all the small things. This page will be treated as a tag, and will be tucked in to pockets made from torn book pages. Pic when it is finished.
I am happy to see Melissa take an active interest in this medium. The possibilities are endless.Her and I will be joining Jody and her mom in a round robin exchange this fall.

This old game card, awash with super fine copper glitter, will become another tag in a pocket. The mystery game is from 70's, picked up at Salvation Army. The images are really cool. I know she will love the old crown as it closely resembles a tattoo on her wrist to commemorate her friend Mo O'Grady. Mo was her close friend that died in the motorcycle accident a couple months ago.
I finally finished the two ornaments Thearica is collecting for two people on our HGTV board that have lost homes to natural disasters. I have a Sue Spargo book that shows how to make them. The yellow is from a vintage velvet bedspread. Fun project.

Today was a very lazy, rainy day. Nice to hunker down and stitch! No outdoor work required. A couple hours on the altered book and a few hours stitching on the CQ Challenge block. I can fill every minute of every day with all the things I love to do!

Quilt guild meeting yesterday. Always a good day. Busy, a usual. Anne Fischer was our guest. She is a a quilter, dyer, thread painter and felter. Of all the quilts she showed us, this is my favorite.
I love the colors and the design. Anne does very intricate thread painting too. I posted one of her pieces back in the was a number 4 on the side of a weathered barn. She showed us this one today.
This entire piece is thread.  Beautiful.

Show and Tell is always a highlight for me. I love to see what people are doing. I love it all. Big, small, finished and unfinished! I just like to see creations. I also love when I see a quilt by someone that I don't know very well and it makes me say, wow. I recognize something in them at that moment. Yesterday, Susan Rathbun showed this pieces..
It isn't her design she said, but it certainly is her interpretation of it. I love this quilt. A lot. She did all the hand stitching. She made this for her daughter who has been having a hard time after a breakup. What a loving, caring thing to do. I have always said, it isn't what you say, it's what you do that matters. I think she is wonderful.

As I mentioned today was a rainy day. I did stitch while watching a couple chick flicks. Made of Honor with Patrick Dempsey and 27 Dresses with Katherine Hiegl. Never saw either and they were perfect fare for the time. Fluffy and feel good!

I have learned:

  1. Michael lifted 225lbs 23 times today. 
  2. Flummoxed. Good word. 
  3. Bedraggled. Apparently not a word in Pennsylvania. 
  4. FX has a new show this fall....American Horror Story. I won't watch it since I don't like scary shows, but the preview is so cool. 
  5. Melissa is an official part time employee of Michaels Craft Store! Great 2nd job. 
  6. Refinanced car loan to get 3.55%. Worth it. 
  7. My feather block has been received. Jude posted it tonight.

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