Sunday, August 14, 2011

The Magic Feather Project

Feathers for the Magic Feather Project. Jude Hill is embarking on a quest to collect  1000 feather blocks. It is fun to stitch. Check it out and make a block. 5" block. I may even make another one...
As Jude likes to reuse fabrics, she asks that you do the same. The blue linen type fabric is an old tablecloth. The white behind it is from an old curtain. Even the darker blue circle is from an old chiffon headscarf. If you scroll down on her page, you will see she has a short tutorial showing how he goes about making a feather to stitch. You know you want to make one! ( I must figure out how to get her great badge for this endeavor onto my sidebar.)

Yesterday was spent on a long overdue cleaning of my Trailblazer. Two hours vacuuming, window cleaning and clearing out. But it is done and I can cross it off my has been on the list since May! After sweeping the grassy residue off the driveway, I met Melissa and Cam for dinner at Sporto's.
Today has been a rainy, thundery day. A good day to make chili (really? but it was in the crockpot and really delicious). The rest of the lazy day was spent stitching and reading. Perfect way to use the day.

Melissa and I took a class at out library Wednesday. We made cool books using manila folders. Jen showed us how to cut a cover, complete with pockets inside, and some pages. We were supplied with these great papers from 7Gypsies. Love them. Very collage-y. I haven't added the bits and pics to it yet, but here is what I made. Fun!

We used ink pads to distress the papers.
Inside right is the pocket. I cut the "GO" from the BINGO paper.

The pages, or signatures, are tied to the cover through two holes punched into each layer. I love this book just the way it is! Can't wait to see what Jen comes up with for her next class.

My Summer CQ Challenge block is due to be finished by September 1st. I am still steadily adding thread and beads to it. I will not call it done until just before I take the pictures to post for judging. I am pleased with it so far.

Well, pending the physical results this week in Syracuse, Michael has enlisted in the Army. Not Reserves. Active duty. While I support his decision, I am full of well deserved worry and concern. While he is feeling excited about the things that will challenge him, I am wondering how he will face them all without me. While he is sure it is his Patriotic duty, I am wondering how each day will feel to me as he becomes a soldier in a world out of control.
I am also immeasurably proud of him. I have raised my kids to be strong and decisive. I will have my say, but ultimately I want them to make their own decisions. He has.

One last football season at SJFC, then Fort Sill, Oklahoma for boot camp.

I have learned:

  1. Melanie Moore won So You Think You can Dance. I wrote her name in my phone at her audition, that she would be this years winner!
  2. Nike has a" reuse a shoe" program that takes old athletic shoes and makes running tracks, basketball courts and tennis courts from the ground up parts of the sneaker. The closest one to my town is almost 40 miles away. They need to use those drop-off boxes to make it easier from people to actually do this. 
  3. Remember the mimeograph machine? I can picture the slightly blurred ink, feel the damp page and recall the unmistakable aroma of the mimeograph copy from my youth!
  4. Skin tags. Why?
     5. AAQI. My quilt # 7683. May be next round. Slipping Away.


jude said...

love your feathers! and the woven cloth.... thanks for the mention.

jude said...

your feathers are here....