Monday, August 1, 2011

Jacket in Progress, etc.

I have spent some time this week composing and sewing my jacket together. I posted in May, I believe it was, that I was taking a class from Martha through my quilt guild. We were making "fabrics", such as Seminole piecing and wonky cut-it-up and resew with strips between it bits....I had fun playing with all those combinations of fabrics and patterns. I chose this Marcy Tilton pattern, which is meant for felted wool fabric, but I liked the style. I will make it work! It's not finished yet, but felt compelled to share it at this stage.

My last day of vacation is today. I extended my week by a day to avoid that sinking return-to-work feeling on Sunday! It worked. Each day was spent with a little hand stitching, sewing at machine, time with Melissa and Michael. My 13 year old nephew, Ian, spent the weekend enjoying the quieter surroundings of my 6 acres. I loved that I had nothing planned so every day was filled with whatever I wanted to do at the moment. Rejuvenating.

Pics of some of the stitching on my CQ petal pieces...that will one day actually be finished! Right now I am happy adding more and more work to them!

I found this image of wings online, played with the color and printed on fabric. Appliqued to velvet and hand stitched for more detail. Love the fun button face girl.
I made a yo-yo from an old headscarf and tacked down. Beads.
A nest...obviously!
Some silk ribbon and bugle bead bits.
Much stitching has been done on the Nicki Summer Challenge block. I can't show it yet though. After September 1st.

Do we send out "Don't Save the Date" cards?! After some reality checks and soul searching, Melissa has decided that cancelling her October 15th wedding is the best plan for her future. We all agree. Sometimes relationships become bad habits. Living with Cory for the last year and a half has been a revelation of bad habits. I give her credit for knowing and for taking action. All cancellations have been completed and notifications made. She is relieved. She is a strong young woman. I am proud of her.

I have learned:

  1. Project Runway started! The first week kind of sucked though. I didn't like how they eliminated 4 designers before the first challenge.....and that first challenge was a bust. It can only get better now.
  2. Haley Reinhart, my favorite American Idol last season, has signed a record contract. 
  3. I found this funny English sitcom on BBC onDemand. The inbetweeners. It would be so much funnier without the bleeps though!
  4. I am working out, for the first time in my 50 years. I do have bruises on my legs from one of the leg lift machines. Let's see how it goes. Just can't face another round of WW. 
  5. The River House, by Sarahlee Lawrence. Very good read. Good writing, good subject matter and unexpected turn of events. Recommend.
  6. AAQI   Ami Simms Alzheimers Quilt initiative. I found my little quilt, "Slipping Away" on the waiting to be listed page. #7683. Not sure when it will be on the sale page. Will keep watching!


Elaine said...

Love the jacket!! Totally agree about Project Runway.

Priscilla Kibbee said...

I also love the jacket and agree about Project Runway

JodyC said...

Beautiful jacket, great progress.

Martha said...

Jacket looks great! Sorry to hear about Melissa. Had to be a tough decision.