Sunday, August 7, 2011

Woven & Quilted & Inspired by Spirit Cloth

I spent a few hours hand quilting this small woven piece inspired by Jude Hill, better known as Spirit Cloth. I signed up for one of her online classes because I just love and admire, actually, how she reuses cloth and takes the time to heavily hand quilt and stitch her pieces. I love that she doesn't have to finish she pulls out an old project and adds her current signature.
This class focus's on weaving fabrics. It appeals! After watching her first few videos/audio blog-type class posts, I grabbed the thin strips left over from another day and wove them into a small composition. Today I added all the pink quilting and loved every minute of the process...loved how after stitching each row, the piece looked better and more interesting. Alive. Thinking this would look good mounted in an old wooden frame.
I have 3 other woven pieces made waiting for their next step. 2 are strips of an old sheer organza curtain, woven without a base and the other is white muslin on muslin base, waiting for me to add silk scraps in a mosaic grid pattern. Love this.

This morning, early, I sat at the machine and pieced small and tiny pinwheel blocks using the black and cream dot fabric from my jacket and the scraps from the binding on a quilt. Looks great. May be the beginning to my Carnival challenge entry for my guild's annual contest. Of course I have til January, so no rush!

Also cut and sewed a pair of nice black linen Capri's. Easy.

It is pouring rain right now. Pouring. Rain. Thunder. Lightening. Fiona is hiding.

I signed up to take a 2 day class in October to learn and make mud cloth. How cool to make a design on cloth with mud! I do hope she gets the required students to make this class a go. Will wait patiently...

I have learned:

  1. 92% humidity right now. So 8% of breathable air is not wet. 
  2. Love Bites...funny. Like the way the characters all connect...or how the writers/director make them all connect. Primetime on Demand. 
  3. I won't even say what size Capri pants I had to cut out of the pattern today. Are patterns on a different sizing scale altogether? 
  4. Melissa got the job! St Joseph's Elementary School in town! No more 32 mile commute a day! 1 mile from her house! She will be teaching 6-8 English/Literature. Her interview was at 9:30 AM Wednesday and had the call to confirm hiring by 1:00 PM. Proud of her!

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