Thursday, September 1, 2011

Not Enough Time.....

I have been busy working on a CQ block challenge, but can't share pics of it yet! I love it. It is Nicki's challenge..we have to use the bits included in a little kit. It was a challenge and I have loved it! I have a few more beads to get down and a spider to make! It is due September 15th.

No sewing at all lately. I have been wrapped up with work and cat's vet appointments or kid things....or niece and nephew things too, as Ian was here Friday and Saturday and Darcy on Sunday!
Michael had a football scrimmage at Morrisville Saturday. It would have been a far less stressful drive on the NYS Thruway if I hadn't had to backtrack 30 miles and covertly key my way into the football locker room at St John Fisher! Yes, my son calls when he is 5 minutes from Morrisville, confirming he had forgotten his cleats in his locker. At school. In Rochester. I got them. Back on the road, with the caravans of lift trucks heading east to assist with Hurricane Irene's electricity outages and the  NY State Fair traffic in Syracuse. It would only have been made worse if there was torrential downpours. I definitely had my Traffic-bitch face on! I know Ian can handle it, my sister is not far from this also, but Michael's GF, Jen, may have had a little shock!

I know the next 2 months will be this crazy, since there are football games to get to. It is Michael's last year. Not sure Maryland and Massachusetts is in the cards however. I am feeling more worry this season, since his health and well being are made more important with his obligation to the Army come February. February 7th to be exact. That is the day he leaves for boot camp in Oklahoma.

Fiona's maiden voyage to the vet came today after work. She mewed all the way there....and hissed as the Vet gave her a shot. She is so precious. Here is a cute pic of my fluffy baby. I love how she has to be in my the room I am in....near me.
Animals provide so much love and companionship. Yes, I am a cat-lady!

I hope to have something interesting to share in the near future. But if I don't, I have interesting maternal interactions to share for sure! I am a mom first and foremost!

I have learned:

  1. Ombre is cool. Project Runway has a little commercial showing some garments made with ombre fabrics. I remember my first exposure to ombre, in 9th grade. I made a blue ombre skirt and tube top, with a lace fabric jacket that tied with ribbon, for my Moving Up Day Dance. In retrospect,  I am a bit troubled by the fact that the ombre fabric was polyester, but I only had a Singer store and Woolworth's store to purchase any fabric at in my area! I truly loved the ensemble. I actually went to this dance with Chuck, my kids' father. 1976. 
  2. Michael bench pressed 225 lb. 23 x's. 2nd best on the team. 
  3. Flummoxed. Good word.  
  4. Windham fabrics has a Gees Bend line.
  5. Isadora Duncan died by strangling on her silk scarf as it became entwined in the tire of the sports car she was riding in. When I Googled her, I came across alot of information and am intrigued by her life in the early 1900's. 
  6. Melissa is happy and getting on with her life. School starts next week. She has been readying her new classroom.
  7. My "Slipping Away" quilt, for the AAQI initiative, is going to the quilt show in Houston, along with 1499 other quilts. #7683 

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