Sunday, September 25, 2011

Fran Skiles Class Work....thanks Karen, for Sharing!

My friend Karen, took a class this past summer at QBL, from Fran Skiles. I was actually wait listed for this class and obviously no one backed out, because I missed this awesome-ness. Karen brought these to our last guild meeting to show me. They are her class projects, and they are really great. I absolutely love every one she made. Fran Skiles has her students work on many pieces at one time, giving them directives daily. Doing things this way ensures you make design decisions as you go, as opposed to knowing the outcome from the beginning. I work that way already. I am not good at seeing the whole picture. 

These are all completed on gesso covered canvas. Collaged, transferred imagery, added fabrics etc.
More color added to this one.
Karen was not happy with this one. I think it's cool. Melissa liked this one.
This one is really cool. She said she had never done collage before and was not comfortable with the concept.  Well, she certainly did a good job on all of these. I am even more disappointed to have missed this opportunity to work in Fran Skiles' class. And , she is not teaching next year at QBL. Darn.
I was so inspired by these artworks that I came home, dug out a large canvas from the closet, covered it in a layer of gesso and found at least 3 black and white photos I would like to incorporate into a collage like this! So when I have a few minutes, I will begin.

I got my first block in the HGTV F8 block swap from Mary. This is the swap where we all sent a fat eighth of fabric to each participant and they add fabrics to yours and make a 12" block.

My fabric choice is the robins egg blue floral. It is my favorite shade of blue. I encouraged them each to add a graphic print like a stripe or check and love that Mary used the plaid. I can't wait to see the blocks that are made from this beautiful fabric!
I have made 8 blocks so far. I have finally gotten the paper piecing down on my chosen pattern. What makes me want to continue making them is seeing how all my fabric combinations turn out in a block. Once they are received by new owners, I will be able to post pics of them.

My CQ Challenge block is finished, pics emailed to Nicki. Next week she can post the pics and people vote. There is actually monetary prizes. How cool would that be!?

My friend Elaine, is putting together an art show at her church this November. She has enlisted some of us to contribute a piece or two! We can sell or not. Jen, Micheal's girlfriend is an artist...a painter. She will be showing. I am not sure what I will do for this. Have to take a look at some things, decide if anything fits the show. I do have ideas however! Always have ideas...

I have learned:

  1. Camera lessons on this blog. Great info. 
  2. CSI:NY season premiere, excellent. Check it our OnDemand. Very touching remembrance of 9-11. 
  3. Ben & Jerry's has named a new flavor of ice cream....Swheddy Balls. Eww.
  4. Ray Lamontagne....Let it be Me. So nice. 
  5. Melissa has taken in a little 5 year old pup. JJ is 5 and a mix of Chihuahua and some sort of terrier. One of those specialty mixes. He is precious. We continue rescuing pets!  

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