Monday, September 27, 2010

What did they say to do? Quilting Arts TV UFO

Remember this? IAQ (instant art quilt from Ellen Lindner's online class) has been anything but that for me! I have cut it up twice, over dyed it, even tried to add a little whimsy with the faerie patch. When Quilting Arts TV made a call for unfinished art quilts for consideration for this season's show, I submitted a pic of this. I just got it back with a note to watch for advice from an artist on an upcoming episode!
I don't record on my TV so I may not get to see it. If anyone sees it though, can you pass on the advice?

Last Friday I took a class from Janet Root with my friend Tracy. We both loved this quilt when Janet did a trunk show for us last spring. She teaches it with permission from the designer and the pattern was published years ago in a quilt magazine.
I really love the strong 9 patch design. I am making this for Melissa and Cory.
Here are my first 2 blocks. (the lighting in this shop was not conducive to true fabric color) It will be gorgeous.
Here are Tracy's. Love the striped fabrics she is using.
Some members of my quilt guild took a short bus trip to Chautauqua for a wonderful quilt show Saturday. I have never been there before, so being on the grounds of this unique old community of 250 acres and seeing all the old houses was special enough. Saw many beautiful quilts and shopped many a vendor.  Too many!

Michael is still home from college with mono. The tonsillitis seems to be gone but now he has an all over rash which apparently is another possible side effect of mono. 

Our quilt show is in 3 weeks! Of course I have quite a bit of finishing to do on the pieces I already registered. We have George Siciliano doing 2 workshops....this one on Friday I believe and this one on Saturday..
They are paper pieced on his foundation fabrics. I want to gather my own fabrics rather than buying the kit for quite a bit of money. Some of the fabrics I had to buy for Nancy Crow will work. There will also be a lecture Friday night and anyone is welcome. There is still room in both classes, $55.00, 9-4 each day. 
If you live in western NY, come to a great show...Friday and Saturday, October 15 and 16 in Batavia.
A fellow Nancy Crow/QBL student has joined by guild. Karen worked diligently all week long, right near me, and it was the last hour on the last day that we realized we lived near-ish each other! She showed her Crow creation this month and it is stunning. She actually started over and this is what she made...
These quilts were referred to by Nancy as Ribbon Quilts. I had not heard of that term before, but they are just that.....ribbons of color and value. Karen had already shown us a few really great quilts and we are happy she has become a member.
I was rummaging through my fabrics that we spent hours sewing up in that class and there is enough to make more ribbon quilts. It is on my ever growing list.
Yesterday was spent messing around with my online art quilt groups current challenge....symbol. I used freezer paper to make my pattern, cutting it up and ironing to my fabric. I did get it layed out and can  see where it's going. May need to do some Esterita Austin-class painting on it if the thread work doesn't give me the expected results. I need to decide that background fabric now. HHmmmmm.
CQing on Nicki's mermaid still. I am almost done with my bits. Pics in a bit.

I have learned:

  1. my "live well be happy" table runner went for $65 at the benefit my sister held for a close friend. She assured me the owner loves it.
  2. Blackberry + gravel = yep, cracked screen. It does resemble a stick figure though, so at least it's  creative damage!
  3. My cholesterol is not a good 251.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Live Well and Be Happy.......

Words to live by, right? I just finished hand sewing the great orange velvet binding down. It measures approximately 44" x 10", a perfect table runner. The green/gold/black/gray base is all recycled wool clothing. blanket and ends. "live well and be happy" is from a very nice book called Applique Outside the Lines with Piece O' cake Designs by Becky Goldsmith & Linda Jenkins. A fun book. it was shown as part of a wall hanging but I was immediately drawn to it as a single element.
I had it enlarged at Office Depot, traced onto freezer paper, cut out, ironed onto stitched background and used my embellishing machine (!!!!) to attach all verbiage. Machine stitched for permanence. The cotton velvet is the backing and binding.
Fun to make. This will be donated to a benefit my sister is having Saturday, for a good friend of hers' family. I hope it finds an appreciative home.

Quilt guild was really interesting yesterday. Wenda Coburn runs a program called "", teaching inmates in the Onondaga County jail to quilt and sew. It was truly fascinating to heat her story, from the inception of the program to all the security measures it takes to get through each class to what she has learned about women, jails and herself.

What a beautiful day today was. I took some time to sit outside since I know very soon it won't be an option. I took some stitching with me and....ahhhh, relaxed!

Now that the BBB challenge is finished I have been thinking about the current challenge.....symbol. My friend Tracy mentioned last year, when we were discussing signage for a dream quilt shop in my retirement future (emphasis on dream) that it has to have a winged heart in's your thing. Hmmmm. It is. I am repeatedly inspired to work with this symbol, so it was a no brainer. Well not entirely. I did think I should so something else....had an idea...but it didn't feel right. So now how do I execute? I have a pretty cool idea right now. Can I make it work? I am going to try! Now I can't show you til the reveal in 5 weeks.

I have learned:
  1. What a strange commercial. People look so strange smoking. 
  2. Will I ever finish "Under the Dome"? pg. 844, 230 more to go. I need to find out what this dang dome is.
  3. Project Runway. I like April. 
  4. How many vials of blood do they need to run a few tests.....4 apparently. Wonder what they will say about me?
  5. Mary Ann Scarborough's Salon at Medina's Shirt Factory Cafe was a very nice night out with friends. All her work is hand stitched and embroidered in silk. It was luscious. 
  6. Debbie awarded my blog a Sunshine award! Thank you! I need to pass it will take time.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

"Cascade of Roses" Art Quilt

So I made the deadline! My online art quilt group's challenge was Beads, Baubles & Bangles. Well, not being an overtly blingy person and one who has limited time amongst all my obligations etc, I knew my piece had to be light bling. I sketched out a cascade of roses onto which i would sew reclaimed (from a Sally Ann sweater) pearls and desirous and now depleted delica beads that look like tiny rhinestones. Each rose is a ripped strip of sheer fabric, twisted and tacked to a felt background. All roses arranged and sewn to a felt backing, then all those beads and pearls sewn on by hand.

I rust dyed the background, then over dyed it with chartreuse Dynaflow dye. Love that color! I machine quilted that with shiny rayon, rust colored thread.
After sewing the rose cascade to the rusty fabric, I used the rust and a deep red thread to randomly stitch a bit.
While this piece has definite design flaws (from any distance, the roses disappear and it looks like a big red formation....ahh well.) I tried some things I have wanted to do and met the deadline.
It has been good practice to make those flowers since I will be doing something along those lines for Melissa's wedding flowers next October for the Wedding!
The next challenge is "symbol". Presumably, a personal symbol. I have an idea.....or two! Of course I look forward to doing a new technique. I have six weeks. They fly by.

Nicki's CQ mermaid block has gotten some good attention from me already. I have a few area's on that to finish up and hope to get it to her soon as I know she is anxious to see it again.

Th gift for the current Homemade Holiday Swap is still in its 1/2 way done state. I really love it. I hope to make another one for the quilt shows silent auction in October and another for a hostess gift. It will be ready to mail by the 26th.

Made the Weight Watchers vegetable soup today, this semi-chilly Sunday....0 points! Now my sister is on board with all 4 of us. And I am tracking...the hardest part for me.

Watching "Fallen" on AMC right now. Good movie.Denzel Washington, 1998.

Thanksgiving may find me in Cincinnati, OH. My sister and I, along with our kids, are all that remain here in western NY. Relatives scattered across states, disconnected by previous relationship disasters and busy lives, will hopefully rekindle and stay relevant. I will be thankful.

Took Michael back to Fisher this morning. He asked about his jersey quilt....! I have a deadline now. His 22nd birthday, October 23rd. I work so much better within a parameter of time! So I will add this to the list!

I have learned:
  1. M & M's commercial for the new pretzel version of the candy is funny.
  2. The Bills 10 vs. Miami 15. Bills fans are ALWAYS so hopeful. oh well.
  3. is a great site with links to alot of creativity
  4. Crazy Heart. Jeff Bridges was worthy.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Rusty Fabric Beautified!

My rusty fabric overdyed with Dynaflow's chartreuse. I love that color. I have used this gorgeous fabric, cut up and resown of course...why do anything simple. I did have some issues with the needle/thread/rusty fabric however. It seems some metallic residue remains in the fibers so when I had more than two layers of it to sew through my thread broke. I had the best luck with a topstitching needle.

My friend Terry's daughter works for the VA. They have a great need for Foley bag covers for the patients to use on their wheelchairs. I spent some time sewing six together this week. Perfect mindless sewing and the gratification is wonderful. I will definitely stitch up more of these for veterans.

Weight Watchers...again. Goal is two dress sizes down by the Melissa's wedding next October. She is also on board, along with Cory's parents. Melissa wants this dress!

I have learned:

  1. My Dunkin Donuts is closed til the 22nd for a remodel and I want my familiarly delicious coffee, bad. It will be the longest time without it in 15 years!
  2. In 2009 WW nationwide....people lost a total of 4 million pounds.
  3. Chester, my old codger cat, loves white wine!

Monday, September 6, 2010

Quilted "Freedom"

I have been plugging along on this project. The machine quilting is finally finished. I have sewn a facing to it, so the last thing is sewing that down on the back...oh and the sleeve! I like it.

The next challenge, due on the 12th, is Beads, Baubles and Bangles. I nixed the first attempt and have 75% progress made on this one.  I can't show pics of what I have done until after the reveal next week.
Also in the works is the current Homemade Holiday Swap. Can be either, Halloween, Autumn or Thanksgiving theme.I have been looking for a way to use some of my beautiful wool bits I have been collecting. There is parts of a blazer, blanket, suit coat and wool remnants in my gift. I used my sewing machine and my embellishing machine. I am happy with it and hope my recipient will feel the same. Of course, no pics of this either as it is a gift. After the 26th I can post that pic.

Thearica has possession of Atomic Number, my Nancy Crow class quilt. As I suspected, she is going to have a blast quilting it. I knew she was the woman for the job!

My quilt guild's biannual quilt show is this October. One of our younger, more tech savvy members created an online registration form for registering our quilts...what an efficient, time saving option! It's always the multiple step things (find form online, take laptop to printer upstairs, after finding paper..print, fill out form, mail or take to meeting) that give me troubles. I am curious how many of our membership used it.

I have learned:
  1. my shift key broke off so every time i have to make a capital letter i have to delicately press this tiny rubber boot, which has also come off. not fun. not good. laptop nearing its demise i fear.
  2. i have a favorite bead...a delica i am sure...charcoal hint with a crystal rhinestone shine. i don't know where they came from. not sure if they are vintage. i want more. lots more!
  3. my elmwood art fest acquisition. i love the whimsy and tone of this piece.
  1. i joined this 1-yard-hand-dyed-fabric-a-month courtesy of judy robertson of just imagination. she was a vendor at QBL and i could not resist a few pieces of spectacular fabrics. i just got my 2nd months gem.