Tuesday, November 2, 2010

New Laptop....ugh.

As you can see it has been weeks since I posted. The day I spent hours downloading the quilt show pics my old laptop died! So I got a great deal on this HP at BJ's. $513 original, I paid $318 in the end. BUT now the real trouble....I can't post pics because nothing looks the same! I tried the program that came with my camera....not good.

SO my friend Jody to my rescue!
She will be walking me through a download tonight and I hope I am not too technologically inept that I can't manage that.

I have been busy though. I am half way into the Homemade Holiday Swap, Christmas gift. It was much hand stitching so I was happy!

I finished my guild's holiday gift already too....another hand stitched item. I love it!

I also pulled out an ongoing CQ project....the flower...separate petals and center, and did some seams on them. I really would love this to be done for the next quilt show in 2012.

Today I made the ties for the 7 foley bag covers I made for my friend Terry's daughter to use at the VA where she works. Easy and satisfying project.

Colleen's pages have been calling me too! I love her aesthetic, much like mine. Very collage-y, very reflective of  appreciation for old, vintage and quirky items. I started to put some things on my first page. Fun!

Michael is finally feeling better after the bout of mono. His blood work showed things were back to normal. Last weekend was Senior Recognition. We all made the last walk on a football field.  There is a pic on facebook of all of us.

I have learned:

  1. I usually love change, but this new laptop thing is too challenging.
  2. Final episode of Mad Men.....didn't see that coming.
  3. Gretchen was the winner on Project Runway. Not my favorite.
  4. Loving a deep, hot bath in the evening. Half hour, a good book.....relaxing.


JodyC said...

Yeah, comments are back. Enjoy your new computer it will all be good.

Nicki Lee said...

Hey girl - sounds to me like you needed that long hot bath! Has it ever occured to you that you need to slow down just a bit or is that wishful thinking? LOL!