Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Cool Quilts by My Friend Marylee

I wanted to post these a while ago....Martha & Marylee, best friends since childhood, done in a pictorial style. I actually took this picture of them at Martha's 50th birthday party this past summer so the Marylee could get a pic to render for her as a gift. She made 2 (!) of the quilts and let Martha choose, either the green tinted or brightly colored quilt. If you know Martha you know she chose the colored one! These are unbelievably wonderful. They won numerous ribbons at our quilt show and well deserved!

Getting ready to leave for Cincinnati tomorrow to have Thanksgiving with cousins, aunts and unlces that I haven't seen in too many years. Looking forward to it but have to get through this day first~! Dr. appointment,  then some CT (?) scan of body parts, then shopping, then packing but still have to Zumba and dine with Melissa! It all gets done.....

I have learned:

  1. DMC 498, the perfect redwork color......runs. You KNOW how I know this....
  2. Tiny nail + tire - air = (!). 
  3. Grace Potter and the Nocturnals, the CD by the same name....is excellent.
  4. Scanning me some kidneys in an hour....

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