Thursday, November 18, 2010

The New and Improved is Not Always

This new laptop continues to be an uncomfortable transition. I have trouble loading pages for some reason...they time out in seconds. Pics load slowly. I don't even know where to is my Internet provider? My router? My laptop?
I miss my old one.
I have kept very busy stitching on Colleens book pages ( I will work diligently to get pics of them loaded this weekend)
I am finishing up my Homemade Holiday Swap gift and will mail off to its recipient Tuesday.
I have Melissa and Cameron on a mission this weekend to procure paint chips from various hardware stores in town! for my current online art quilt challenge. I have a cool idea and am anxious to get started so I can finish by the due date, December 5th.

I want to share this piece. Junamea made this gorgeous quilt. I was pleasantly surprised when I saw it hanging at our quilt show. She had seen a picture similar to it in an Australian magazine and decided she could do it. I love how she only colored some of the lace pieces. I know my crazy quilting friends would like this.

I have learned:

  1. The audio of Saving Cee Cee Honeycutt is worth seeking out.
  2. Down 9 lbs! Melissa down 23 lbs!
  3. Zumba is fun and works.
  4. New Bruce CD? The Promise. Need it.

1 comment:

Nicki Lee said...

Yea! You're back! I've been wondering what you've been up to...dang computers!

You just know I love that lace design - what a fabulous idea. I've been toying for months about making a quilt with nothing but my dyed motifs.

BTW - while you're at it, could you loose an extra 15 lbs for me?