Tuesday, November 9, 2010

my Symbol Project~~Winged Heart

My online group's recent challenge was to create an art quilt using a symbol that has meaning to you. I knew right away I would use the winged heart. It is 26" x 14" ish. The close up of the heart shows all the Kantha style stitching I did on the hand dyed fabrics from Judy Robertson. I truly loved the process and outcome...the stitches undulate and form peaks and valleys that give it great texture.
The design is original...I drew it large on freezer paper, cut each feather out and fussy cut them on another hand dyed fabric to give them more visual interest. I thread painted them, then fused everything to canvas. To make sure it was secure I zig zagged all around the entire piece. I loved every step of this project from the design to hand stitching to machine work. I am not sure if it is actually finished though....the background seems stark. We'll see!
The new laptop has proven to be a little challenging for me. Jody got me going with pic downloading and posting with Windows Essentials Photo Gallery. All my favorites are gone. My bookmarks are also gone. Cory did get all my stuff off the old laptop in my documents, so at least I have those! Just have to get used to it.
Tonight my little art quilt group meets after a couple month hiatus. I am looking forward to that.
Tomorrow the annual mammo appointment. I am actually 6 months overdue. Not my favorite day of the year~
I must get moving...off to work. Longjohns on since it will barely make it out of the 50's.

I have learned:

  1. I need a maid. And a cook.
  2. The New Yorkers, by Catherine Schine promises to be a good read.

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