Sunday, October 17, 2010

Quilt Show...a Click Away...240 Pics of Quilts!

My Mermaid CQ RR piece won a ribbon at our quilt show for Best Group Quilt!! I  had just gotten this back in the mail  3 days before the show...I sewed a backing to it and sleeved it just in time for drop-off on Wednsday. My friends Jody, Nicki, Thearica, Kathy and Carolyn were my winning team. I thank you girls for all your gorgeous work!

I have spent literally hours today downloading 240 pictures from the show. I always go through and adjust the contrast etc on each pic which is pretty time consuming but worth it for better images. It took a very long time to get them in albums on Snapfish....2 albums. Don't ask. Just enjoy the show!
Album 1
Album 2