Sunday, April 25, 2010

Weekend of Quilt Shows

Amherst Quilt show Friday with Tracy & Rushville Quilt show yesterday with Melanie, her mom and Aunt Nancy & Uncle Richard, our driver! Very good shows. Click here to see some pictures. The album cover quilt was done by a 19 yr old who also dyed her own fabrics.

Hunted down Ina Randall at the Amherst show to book her for a program at my guild. A few of us were noting how interesting her pieces were and that she does in fact do trunk shows! Here is one of my favorites.
 I love how she used her background to build this under the sea piece. Her seaweeds were great (but my close-ups were blurry..ugh). I love the one on the appears Ina used sheer fabric and thread painted circles on it. I hope to find out how she did it when we see her (hopefully in August!).

I did manage to do a little creating today but nothing is finished (seems I always have troubles with that that says something about me!). I made an ATC for Tammy. A self portrait. She wasn't able to participate in the swap on the HGTV message board in the fall. I like the card itself but am not a fan of seeing my face on it. I could still change it to only represent me figuratively, am thinking....

I also printed a pic of Karyssa's dog Kira. I am working on a little quiltlet (it's not a PC, not an ATC, not a what else can you call a small quilty thing?). There's a little hand stitching, machine quilting, free motion quilting and a slide frame! As soon as it is near-finished I will post.

I experimented a little with image transfer onto fabric. I took a copy I printed of little chickadee's and used Gel Medium to adhere that image to fabric. Well...first I put the medium on the linen and burnished the image but it left a layer of medium on the fabric. Don't think that will come off, its like glue. SO then I put medium on the image and burnished to the fabric. This allowed more control as to where the gel residue was. There is still gel all around image. Maybe when it dries I can rub it off? Not sure. NOW I am making a "peel" out of the gel and image...multiple layers of gel and a long drying time should yield a skin of an image on the rubbery-like dry medium.  We'll see. I'll figure it out.

I have learned:
  1. SpecialK has a new 90 calorie bar, to me anyway. It is pretzel & chocolate and yummy.
  2. Black, ivory with pale pink accents for Melissa's wedding. Like.
  3. I think Clifford is mauling me right now...he is a cat that knows what he wants, when he wants it and stops for no woman!
  4. I really want an embellishing machine. Badly. 
  5. I NEED to learn how to get this extra large print off my laptop. What did I do? How do I change it? I know Jody will have the answer.


Carol said...

That's a very interesting wall hanging.

JodyC said...

Very cool walling hanging. Beautiful quilt show photos.

Black, ivory, and pale pink sounds very pretty.That color combination will be very attractive in the venue they choose for their wedding.

I'll email you about the image.

Martha said...

Thanks for the pictures. I didn't make it to Amherst. :-(