Monday, April 19, 2010

Enough Fabric for Nancy Crow Class?

I wonder if this is enough fabric for my Nancy Crow class at QBL this July?! I feel I have covered most of the solids in many values and since I misunderstood the directive for prints I have many, many different ones. I can't wait to see what these piles will become!

Started Denise's book pages today. I thought I was going to use the thistle flower but the thistle was not speaking to me! So I turned to my favorite vintage robin's egg blue linen. I had NEST in my mind. Grabbed a fabric and timtex and started thread painting one. I used a very narrow zig-zag and just went for it. I liked how it turned out so I cut it out and stitched it down. Since hand stitching is what I like to do I found some pearle cotton that matched.....seed stitch and french knots make up the ribbon which may represent a tree limb if I am so inclined! Not sure what is next yet.
For my facing page I am pondering how to use the print from a very old dictionary. NEST has a good, lengthy definition.
The wall is down and the mud is up and drying on the patch. The light fixture box is up in the center of the room ready for the 5 light strip to go up....complete with a working switch! These are the things that make me happy!
Seeing the reflection on the ceiling I am thinking a flat paint up there would be best. I am also back to the creamy shade for the room too. Time will tell.

I have learned:
  1. There are newspaper bits on the backs of the boards that came out of the room upstairs. One says April 23, 1894. My house is older than I thought!
  2. Seems sometimes more is more. Hot pepper flakes + tomatoes with chilies + hot chili flavor packet = gastrointestinal rebellion.


JodyC said...

Studio is looking good!!! Like the bird's nest too.

Debbie said...

Room is looking good. And yes, that fabric should just about be enough for a workshop---provided it lasts for a month! LOL....looks like what i take to class. The bird's nest is too cute.

Thearica said...

I see your studio is coming right along!