Tuesday, April 27, 2010

"Kyra" Quiltlet & Image Transfer Peel

Meet Kyra, Michaels girlfriend, Karyssa's dog! I took this picture of her last summer when I visited Karyssa'a beautiful home in Vermontville, NY....in the Adirondack's. We had a really great weekend with her parent's Paula & Dale. Kyra is a most interesting animal. Such a personality. I wanted to take this image and capture it for Karyssa to have in her dorm room at school. After printing it onto fabric I hand stitched some bits around her face and frame....some line quilting (love the lines), free motiong XOXOXOXO's. The blue fabric squares and the little red heart are silk scraps.
I used velvet ribbon to bind it but now came the what-the-heck part.....I used acrylic felt on the back which stretched so that my piece was concave (or convex). Not good, will not hang or lay flat....it did make Kira look like she was reaching out for you! Cool, but not right, so I remembered this frame I bought at Ollie's a while back~Yes, that's it! I used Tacky glue and now she lays flat! I love how it turned out!
This is my image transfer peel! Can you see that it is transparent? This is the image I printed Sunday of two chickadees. I used the Golden Gel Matte Medium (a jar of gluey-ness) and painted 5 layers of it waiting for each layer to dry in between. I couldn't wait another day for it to cure so came home from work and picked it up.....to the sink, with trash can to catch all the papery residue that rubs off the transfer. Minutes later I was left with a really cool "peel"! My image is now on the medium. I am going to use this in Denise's book. It will be my right page....my "nurture" page. (left page is the "nest" page) It will represent my 2 offspring, the ones that I have nurtured for 27 & 21 years! Coming together.
My self portrait ATC that I am swapping with Tammy. The fish are from a stamp on a postcard. I am a Pisces. I am not all zodiac but the fish were great so I saved them and found a use! I cut Irish from an old dictionary since my moniker on the HGTV MB is Irish and yes I am Irish. The pic is weird but it is a self portrait. I used red silks from a home dec sampler book a good friend gave me. I have gotten much mileage out of that book! Thanks Ann!

I have learned:

  1. I just read a comment that resonated with me.... babies are born, but on that day a mother is also "born". So obviously true.
  2. Cliffy misses Melissa. 

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JodyC said...

Kira is a very cute dog. Beautiful "quiltlet", Karyssa is going to love it.