Sunday, April 18, 2010

Liberated Quilt Blocks and Janet Root

These are 5 liberated quilt blocks I made yesterday in a workshop with Janet Root. If you know me you know this is perfect for me, a perfect "imperfectionist"! I used a silk shirt from Sally Ann's for the blue sky, the brown poly silk look-alike is from the curtain panels I shortened at my daughter's last week and the other fabrics are cotton. I love this free piecing method and will be doing more of this.Felt like home! I especially like the stars.
Janet was also our program and we all enjoyed her gorgeous trunk show. These were a few of my favorite's.

Janet is so talented. She is a traditional quilter and an art quilter. I liked that she didn't call herself one or the other. I am neither an art quilter nor a traditional quilter. .I am a maker of things....some quilts,some are mixed media projects, some have paper, I knit so I may use yarn, I am making books right now in a RR, I have always done and loved collage.  I just love to make things. Things that please me. I especially  like the process of making things, anything, even if it is just a little thing that may never be anything more than what it is! The satisfaction is incomparable.

Ian & Darcy were here last night. A short visit since everyone had busy weekends planned already.

Michael worked the chains at the Rochester Raiders indoor football game today. I met Karyssa there and actually watched a good game. Two more weeks of school, then summer work begins for both of them. Then senior year! Life is waiting! They are prepared.

Tomorrow the wall is coming down in the "studio" !! I am leaning towards a warm gray for the walls, which will include the ceiling, since it is pitched. I want a warm, neutral and no matter how much I admire the pictures of creamy, white neutral rooms in magazine layouts, it just isn't me. Thrilled is the word for this room. It has been a long time coming. There was a span of 6 years (6 years ago) that  I didn't even have a bedroom, let alone a place to create! Now I have a bedroom and soon, a place for making anything that catches my fancy!!!! And the best part is I can leave it out and all over and shut the door behind me!

I have learned:
  1. How to take my throat plate off my beloved sewing machine to clean out fibers that collect in there.(it was very ugly!) Thanks Melanie!! I really had no idea and you saved the day yesterday!
  2. There has been a 300% increase in deaths due to heart attack in the 18-25 female range. I was very surprised by this. College, drinking, drugs, unhealthy diets and poor sleeping habits in the college crowd. Apparently just such a case at my son's college in Rochester last year. A freshman girl. Sad.. 
  3. Project Runway. Seth Aaron, Emilio Sosa & ....drumroll......hhhmmmmmm Mila or Jay. Mila will win the Jay/Mila competition. Then I think Emilio will win. I don't like him though. He is arrogant. But I suspect you must be compete in that competition. Seth is interesting. 
  4. One baby snake (basement hunting) so far this spring! Good kitty!
  5. So Fiona Vixen Banshee Tunacake......she will only eat tuna now....real tuna...not cat food tuna. Tried many varieties.  I can't believe I am buying cans of tuna for a cat.
  6. Janet Root mentioned she didn't have the stamina for Nancy Crow's class at QBL. I am ready. Bring it!

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Anonymous said...

You brought a chuckle about the cat finding the snake. We had one, too. Do you wonder how they get into the house? Our cat was a fussy eater, too. The neighbor cooked chicken breasts for her cat. Thanks for posting the quilt pictures from Janet. I was sorry to miss all of that part of the meeting. Enjoy the warmer and dryer week that is forecast.