Sunday, March 9, 2014

More Collages

               "When You Swim with the Sharks"

                       "Flocking Together"

              " In Touch with His Feminine Side".                                                                                            

Last weekends Quilt Away in Silver Lake was all I'd hoped it would be. I posted the Improv pieced cross piece I started already. Julie brought collaging materials that I couldn't resist! I spent hours cutting and pasting with her, creating the three finished collages on playing cards above. I love them! Love making them. 
Julie makes her collages with design elements in mind because she scans them into her computer to manipulate in Photoshop for her work. It's her forte. She is masterful at design. 
I make mine more as a narrative. 

So I have the iPad up and running. Easy. It's just like my iPhone. I do need to have laptop fixed since Linda & Laura Kempshal's DMTV is not iPad friendly yet. I also can't access all emails and junk emails. 
Living and learning. The graphics on the iPad are awesome. I love that. 

Melissa hit a pole at 30 MPH yesterday avoiding a collision with a woman that cut her off. Airbag deployed breaking her glasses. Seatbelt bruised her. Cuts on knee and hand but no concussion or internal bleeding. This was at 1in the afternoon. I watched Mela while Dave met her at hospital. When I left I told her I was glad she didn't die today! This is the humor of my family. We all get it. But, truly, I was glad. Mela needs her mommy. These are the calls no mother ever wants to get. 

I have learned:

        1.  Watching "Sons of Anarchy" on Netflix. Very good. 
        2.  Going to Lancaster AQS show with Martha & Tracy Thursday! I am excited to see " Ice 
             Crystals" hanging there. 
        3.  I am officially under two years til retirement!!!!!!! Then my real life begins. 
        4.  Madison is growing! I get to "feel" her in a couple weeks!
        5.  Michael has re-upped for three more years in the Army. He has a plan. 
        6.  Diana Anderson Radley is the best massage therapist around here. Do yourself a favor and 
             make an appointment. She is on West Main St near Tully's. When will insurance companies 
             realize massage in medicinal? I am going once a month for a better me. 

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tisme said...

Shoot, so glad you posted today! I am going to be in Lancaster on Tuesday and will be there until Saturday, call me, or send me a message in my email, I will have my iPad. I will be watching for your piece!!