Sunday, March 2, 2014

Cross Quilt Piecing @ Retreat

Great weekend at quilt retreat with great company! 
Did not know what would inspire me so I packed a very large suitcase with many things. The last minute fabric addition of snow dyed fabrics were my main fodder. 
Being enamored with all of the cross quilts I have seen online, I decided to work this idea up. My recents black/gray/ lime RIT snow dye session provided the fabric for the piece above. Loving the reddish slivers between blocks. Off to a good start I'd say. 

I have learned:

      1. Sleepy time tea gives the gift of weird dreams to me. 

       2.  New iPad in possession. Now to set it up. 

       3.  Quilters make great friends. 

        4.  Hoping my cupid's arrow is dead on right now. 
        5.  I want the curse word book Connie gave Vinnie. It. Is. Truly. Awesome. 

        6.  Advise me on my iPad get up and go please. 


Char said...

OK, we're going to need more info about the following:
cross quilts
snow dying
curse word book
sounds like a fun weekend!

JodyC said...

Interested in the curse word book, snow dying fabric is cool and you will LOVE your iPad but it will take a little time.

JodyC said...
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