Sunday, March 16, 2014

Lancaster AQS Show Adventure

TracyJ, Martha & I drove down to Amish country on Thursday, finally finding snowless roads quite a ways into Pennsylvania. We managed to get to the show that afternoon to see my Ice Crystals quilt and a bit of the show before they closed at 6 PM.

 I was not disappointed! While there were plenty of very intensely worked pieces I didn't feel like mine didn't belong. The winning quilts were spectacular. There were many entries I saw with no ribbons that I thought were equally deserving of a prize. I know judging is in the eyes of the three appointed judges. 

The show was a feast for the creative soul. SAQA had a great inspired display. The Quilts of Valor that hung on the second floor were awesome, at least two of which were made by men. A modern quilt challenge on third floor was another good special exhibit. I thought I was going to be able to see The Twntmakers of Cairo against but only their quilts were on display. 

The pic above is a time capsule diner in Lancaster. Delicious breakfast before we headed to Intercourse PA for a 2014 version of Amish country. Zooks, a well known Amish fabric store, nailed the last screw in our credit cards and a visit next door for a hot pretzel rounded out our quilty weekend. Fun was had by all!

My grandmother, Melissa's great grandmother, knit many a sweater for her when she was little. These two are still around and quite wearable! 

Melissa asked me to replace the buttons so our Mela can wear them! 
Each cardigan is missing one of the special buttons my grandmother picked for them. 
It am happy to see Melissa embracing some vintage baby style. 

Laptop still down but I realize I need to get it fixed. I prefer posting to this blog on it since the Blogger app is not all that user friendly and I cannot post links on it either. For now it will have to do. 

I have learned:

     1.  Just started reading "Grain Brain" as recommended to me by Tracy. I know I will learn much 
           about food and health. 
     2.  I found this email in my junk. I don't remember what I submitted!

     3.  An octopus has three hearts. 
     4.  A giraffe has the same amount of verteabre in its neck as a human does. Theirs are just bigger. 

     5.  A rhinoceros sweats red. 
     6.  The last three facts were imparted on us by a former South African as we were shuttled to our  
           car on Saturday. A quite interesting man. 

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Martha Lorshbaugh said...

Love the pic of the Neptune Diner! I laughed at the memories of our wonderful ride home with that shuttle driver!!!